The Hutchison - Abercrombie Families Of Glasgow
and the
Goldsworthy and Bowcher Families of London

This is the information I have on my paternal grandparents and their families - the Hutchison and Abercrombie families of Glasgow, and the Goldsworthy and Bowcher families, originally of London.

My grandmother - Eliza Agnes Goldsworthy - was born in the Police Station at Moe, north-east of Melbourne, Australia in 1886, the second of the eight children of George Goldsworthy and Eliza (nee Hutchison).

By way of introduction:

Eliza Goldsworthy married William Froggatt at the McNeil Memorial Church Waverley, Sydney on Thursday, 12 May 1910. See the Froggatt story for more information).  The Goldsworthy family had emigrated from London to Melbourne in 1873 on the sailing ship "MacDuff". The Hutchisons had emigrated from Glasgow on the "Loch Maree" in 1880.

George Goldsworthy married Eliza Hutchison in Melbourne in 1883, and was at various times a Mounted Trooper and policeman in Victoria. In later life he often claimed to have been part of the hunt for the outlaw Ned Kelly (although this claim is a bit far-fetched, there is a grain of truth to it as described below).

By 1900 the Goldsworthy family were in New Zealand when their youngest child was born in Auckland. Later they were living in Gisborne, where George ran a second-hand goods shop until be went bankrupt. They were living in Gisborne at about the same time as William Froggatt and his first wife, so it is possible that the families knew each other at this time.

By May 1910 both families were back in Australia, living in Sydney, for the marriage of Eliza and William. The Froggatt and Goldsworthy families then crossed the Tasman Sea again to live in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Follow the links in the family tree for information about each generation:

        |             |         |                 |          |                  |          |                 |
      John=====v=====Mary     James=====v=====Charlotte    Ralph======v======Isabella  Archibald=====v=====Agnes
    1797-1889  |  1802-1874   1804-     |       1803-    1806-1881    |       1811-      1802-       |   1803-1866
               |                        |                             |                              |
         John Frederick=======v=====Henrietta                      David=============v=============Eliza
              1829           1851     1833-                       1831-1897         1850         1826-1898
                              |                                                      |
                          1861-1929                      1883                    1860-1940
                                                   William FROGGATT

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