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James William Bowcher - Charlotte Dimbleby

My grandmother, Eliza Agnes Goldsworthy married William Froggatt in Sydney in 1910. Her father was George GOLDSWORTHY, whose mother was Henrietta BOWCHER.  This page gives information about the Bowcher family. Follow the links for information about the other families.

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James William Bowcher

James was born in 1799 in Walcot, Bath. He was baptised at St Michael, Bath on 23 October 1799. His parents are recorded as Henry and Ann BOWCHER. Two other children of Henry and Ann are recorded at St Michael: Charles (1796) and John (1801).

At some time prior to his marriage to Charlotte in 1826 James moved to Marylebone, London.

Charlotte Dimbleby

Charlotte was born 29 July 1800 and baptised in St Marylebone, Westminster on 7 August 1800 to Henry DIMBLEBY and Mary (MARTIN).

Henry and Mary had two other children baprised at St Marylebone:  Henry (23 Sept 1796) and Mary (13 March 1805).

Marriage of James and Charlotte

James and Charlotte married in St Marylebone on 13 August 1826:

The Bowcher Family

James and Charlotte had at least 3 children. They lived at No 28 York Building, Marylebone, Westmnister. James was a tailor.
Sarah Ann 20 July 1831    
Henrietta 1 Sept 1833    
George Dimbleby 28 Oct 1835    8 November 1916

1841 Census

The family were at 28 York Building. James is shown as a Traveller: James W. (37), Charlotte (38), Sarah (8), Henrietta (6) and George (4).


Deaths of James and Charlotte

James William died at York Building, Marylebone on 17 February 1843 and was buried at St Marylebone. Charlotte died a few months later on 16 August 1843 and was also buried at St Marylebone:

The Children of James and Charlotte


Sarah Ann was born 20 July 1831 and baptised at St Marylebone on 17 August 1831. After her parents died in 1843 she and her sister Henrietta appear to have been living with their cousin Susanna GRIMES at 84 Gt Devon St, Newington, as shown in the 1851 census:

It is not clear what happened to Sarah Ann. I cannot find her in another census. She may have married in 1853 (Mar 1853 Strand 1b/473) to either William Saunders or Thomas Winterburn, but I cannot find either in the next census.

Henrietta BOWCHER

Sarah Ann was born 1 September 1833 and baptised at St Marylebone on 25 September 1833. After her parents died in 1843 she and her sister Sarah Ann appear to have been living with their cousin Susanna GRIMES at 84 Gt Devon St, Newington.

Henrietta married John Frederick GOLDSWORTHY on 22 September 1861:

See the GOLDSWORTHY pages for her family.

George Dimbleby BOWCHER

George Dimbleby was born on 1 October 1835 at Marylebone.  He is in the 1841 census with his parents. In 1851 he appears to be with his uncle Thomas BOUCHER at 26 Market St, St George, Southwark. 

George married Emma GOLDWORTHY in Marylebone on 20 June 1865 at Christ Church, Marylebone.  Emma was the sister of John Frederick GOLDSWORTHY who married Henrietta BOWCHER.

George and Emma had six children:

George 1866
Frank 1867
Amy 1869
Stanley 1871
Maud 2 July 1873
Edith 11 January 1875

1871 census: George and family were living at 4 St James Tce, Kensington:

1881: George and family were at 112 Elgin Cr Kensington

1911; living at 1 Astley Ave, Cricklewood

George died on 8 November 1916 at 9 Sanford Tce, Stoke Newington, late of 1 Astley Ave Cricklewood. In  the 1911 census, sseveral people live at 9 Sanford Tce, but none appear to be related to George.Emma died in 1924.

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