The Goldsworthy Family Of London

John Goldsworthy - Mary Dennis

My grandmother, Eliza Agnes Goldsworthy married William Froggatt in Sydney in 1910. Her father was George GOLDSWORTHY. This page gives information about the Goldsworthy family.

              Frederick       Elizabeth             Thomas        Sarah
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   1797-1889              1802-1874                         1804              1803
     John                    Mary                          James            Charlotte
 GOLDSWORTHY========v=======DENNIS                         BOWCHER=====v=====DIMBLEBY
                  m:1828                                             m:1828
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   Annie John F  Frances Anne Emma Jessie                   Sarah   Henrietta  George
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John Goldsworthy

John Goldsworthy was born in Sidbury, Devon, being baptised there on 29 September 1797. John was a baker and likely to have been an apprentice in Sidbury before moving to London.

His parents were John Goldsworthy, born about 1742 in Devon, and Elizabeth SKINNER, born August 1747 in Clyst St George. (There is more information about the Goldsworthys of Clyst St George here.)

The bakery at Sidbury today - possibly where John began his baking trade.

After moving to London, John lived at 10 New St. Marylebone from sometime before the 1841 census until he died in 1889 - at least 48 years. New St has been renamed Melcombe St, and is part of Dorset Square. The 1841 Post Office Directory lists John as a baker at Dorset Square.

Mary Dennis

Mary was baptised on 29 August 1802 in Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex, to Thomas DENNIS and Sarah BREWSTER.

Marriage of John and Mary

John and Mary were married 13 March 1828 in St George Parish Church, Bloomsbury, London.

Marriage of John Goldsworthy and Mary Dennis

John Goldsworthy 1797
John Goldsworthy
Mary Dennis
Mary Dennis

The Goldsworthy Family

John and Mary had at least 6 children:

Annie 1827    
John Frederick 31 Jan 1829    
Frances E. 1833    
Anne Sarah 1837    
Emma 1839    
Jessie 1842    

Census Records:

1841: The family is at 10 New St, Marylebone - Listed under William (30), Mrs (30), John (12), Fanny or Frances (9), Ann (5), Emma (2).

1851: John (51) and Mary (44) are at 10 New St, Marylebone, with daughters Annie (14), Emma (11) and 5 apprentice bakers.

1861: John, Mary and daughters Jessie (19) and Annie S. are at 10 New St.

1871: John, Mary and Jessie (age 25) are at 10 New St.

1881: John (81), now a widow is still the baker at 10 New St, with daughters Jessie (38), Anne Sarah (Williams) (48), grandson Albert Williamson (16) and niece Jessie Dennis (33).

1891: John had died in 1889, but Jessie (47) remained at 10 New St, with her sister Annie (58), and cousin Jessie Dennis (43).

1901: Jessie (58) is still the baker at 10 New St, with nephew William Williamson (38) and his son Albert (10), and cousin Jessie Dennis (53).

10 New St, Dorset Square Today

I visited Dorset Square in 2003. It is adjacent to the Baker St Underground station, and just around the corner from Baker St and the Sherlock Homes Museum (at 221B of course). At some stage New St was renamed Melcombe St. Today the building at No 10, and most of the surrounding buildings appear to be too modern to have housed a bakery from about 1841 to 1907. A new street - Glentworth Street has been built through what would once have been No 10.....

The 1875 Ordnance Survey map of London 1:2,500 - City of London 034. From
Current map of the Baker St - Melcombe St area, showing the name change and the extension of Park Street as Glentworth St. (Click on the maps for enlargements)


The intersection of Melcombe St and Baker St.
Looking NE along New St (Melcombe St) from Dorset Sq The bookshop with blue canopy is No 16 and Cafe Saporito is No 14 today. No 10 and the bakery would have been where the red brick building is now - known as Clarence Gate Gardens.
Looking along New St towards Dorset Sq (the trees in the distance).

Death of John and Mary

Mary died at Marylebone in the March quarter, 1874 (1a/453).
John Goldsworthy died at 10 New St, Marylebone, 30 Nov 1889, aged 92. The death certificate notes the informant as Jessie Dennis, Daughter of 10 New St. This is ambiguous as John's daughter was Jessie Goldsworthy, but his niece was Jessie Dennis. Both Jessies lived with John at 10 New St (see the census records above).

The Children of John and Mary

Anne Sarah Goldsworthy

Anne married William Williamson (born about 1835 in Marylebone and a traveller) in the Sept quarter 1858 (Marylebone 1a/869), and they had at least 3 children:

Maud M. Williamson 1860
Albert Edward Williamson 1864
William Williamson 1868

In the 1861 census, Anne, William and Maud are living with John the baker at 10 New St. In 1871 Anne and the 3 children are at 10 New St, but William her husband is absent. There is a William Williamson, traveller, aged 35, born London, in the Male Convict Prison at Gillingham.

Anne's son William married and had a son, Albert in March 1891 (Camberwell 1d/961). However, in the 1901 census William is a widower, living with son Albert at 10 New St.

Jessie Goldsworthy

Jessie was born on 28 January 1842 in Marylebone (presumably 10 New St), where she appears to have lived all of her life. She was baptised in Christ Church Marylebone on13 March 1842.

In the 1881 census she is unmarried, and her occupation appears to be "tradeswoman", presumably working in the bakery, where her father, aged 81 was still the baker.

After her father John died in 1889, Jessie remained at 10 New St, taking over the bakery. She was joined at the bakery by Jessie Dennis, her cousin from her mother's side. The 1895 Post Office Directory lists Jessie as the baker at 10 New St.

Jessie died in 1907 in Marylebone, thus ending over 60 years of the Goldsworthy Bakery at 10 New St, Dorset Square. Jessie left her estate of nearly 200 Pounds to her sister Emma (BOWCHER):

In the 1911 census, 10 New Street is occupied by Percy CROSBIE, fishmonger; Sidney MERRIMAN; Rosina TOWERS, piano teacher; George MANSBRIDGE, gardener; Lizzie DORRELL, charwoman; and William TIBBEY, greengrocer.

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