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Welcome:- For many years now I have been interested in the history of the Froggatt Family from Brewhouse Yard. In the beginning we did not know the family had lived there; in fact we did not know anything about the family at all. My grandfather William had left home aged 16 and boarded a sailing ship for Melbourne. As far as we can tell he was a willing passenger. His younger brother James, followed him a year later.

Along the way we have discovered many branches to the family tree, my father found the descendents of six siblings he knew nothing about and I have made contact with "cousins" all over the world.

Also presented here are various aspects of the family history of the Benton, Keith and Moroney families that I married into.

(Paul Froggatt, March 2020)

William FROGGATT of Sandiacre Family History

The FROGGATT Family of Sheffield History including Joanne FROGGATT

The FROGGATT Family of Rotherham History

GOODLIFFE Family History, including Arnold Goodliffe's memoir "The Story of My Life"

The family of George Froggatt from Sheffield

The Goodliffe Family of Battersea

Goldsworthy, Hutchison & Abercrombie Family History

Benton, Keith & Moroney Family History

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