The Intriguing Story of William Froggatt

The story of William and James is a fascinating genealogy detective story. Starting with a headstone, an inscription in a book given to William in 1883, and a few family myths, we have built up a very detailed story of his life, mostly from official records.

It has only taken the family 95 years to piece it all on!

The Froggatt Family of Brewhouse Yard

Five generations of the Froggatt family were connected with Brewhouse Yard in Nottingham, from the arrival of James Froggatt and his family in about 1798 to the last of the line in England in 1956.

Fortunately, William and James Froggatt (great-great-grandsons of James Froggatt) emigrated to Australia, and then on to New Zealand, where William had 14 children and kept the family line alive.

Read the full story of the Brewhouse Yard Froggatts from 1798 to 1956 here.

The Froggatt Family of Stoney Middleton, Manchester and NZ

Born in about 1780, John Froggatt was the blacksmith at Stoney Middleton, a small village close to the villages of Froggatt and Eyam in Derbyshire. I have traced part of this family from Stoney Middleton to Sheffield and Manchester, and to one of the descendents who emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1960s.

Read about the Stoney Middleton Froggatts here.

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