The Froggatt Family of Stoney Middleton & Sheffield

Thomas Froggatt - Jane FURNIS

According to the records copied in the IGI, the earliest mention of the Froggatt family at Stoney Middleton is for Thomas Froggatt and Jane. This was possibly Jane BOWMAN, who is recorded as marrying a Thomas Froggatt on 1 December 1711 at Hope, Derbyshire. Thomas and Jane are recorded as having 9 children, with the following baptism dates:

Thomas 2 Oct 1714
Ann 17 Oct 1719
Jane 28 Jul 1722 - 20 April 1727
Benjamin 1 Oct 1724
John c.1726 - 26 Feb 1726
Jane 27 Jun 1728
Grace 12 Nov 1730 - 6 Apr 1733
John 25 Oct 1732
Grace 4 Apr 1735

Benjamin Froggatt - Gooditha ?

According to the IGI records, Benjamin FROGGATT and his wife Gooditha (possibly FURNIS - a Benjamin married Goody FURNIS at Hathersage on 29 December 1746) had 10 children at Stoney Middleton:

Benjamin 2 Mar 1756
James 9 Jun 1748 - 9 Dec 1765
Elizabeth 16 May 1749 - 6 Oct 1765
Mary 21 May 1751
Ann c. 1754 - 7 Jun 1771
Thomas 20 March 1759
Henery 12 Aug 1761
Sarah 17 Mar 1764 - 1 Feb 1771
John c. 1765 - 10 Mar 1766
John 6 Oct 1766

Benjamin Froggatt - Elizabeth Lomas

From the IGI records, Benjamin FROGGATT and Elizabeth LOMAS married at Stoney Middleton on 17 May 1780. They had 9 children with baptism dates recorded at Stoney Middleton as:

John 8 Oct 1780
Guddey 6 Oct 1782
Benjamin 27 Mar 1784
James 8 Apr 1787
Henary 9 Oct 1791
Thomas 12 Jan 1794
Joseph 4 May 1796
Mary 24 Mar 1799
Nancy 1801 - 4 Jul 1806

John Froggatt - Alice Bachorn

John married Alice BACHORN on 20 November 1809 at Hathersage. John and Alice had 6 children whose baptisms were recorded at Stoney Middleton:

George 14 April 1811
Elizabeth 31 Jan 1813 - 3 Sep 1815
Martha 2 April 1820
James 7 April 1822
Mary 14 May 1824
Henry 17 Feb 1828

John was the blacksmith at Stoney Middleton for many years. In 1841 the 3 youngest children were living with them, as well as their grand-daughter Jane:

In 1851 they had moved to Church St, Middleton, Eyam:

 George Froggatt - Ann Thorpe (and Maria ?, and Elizabeth Crossland, nee Earnshaw)

George married Ann THORPE in the March quarter, 1839 at Sheffield. Ann was born about 1821 in Sheffield according to the census information. George was a "white metal smith" later a "Britannia metal smith". Britannia metal is an alloy of 93% tin, 5% antimony and 2 % copper. It looked similar to pewter but was harder and easier to work,

According to the census information, George was married 3 times and had 7 children in total, 4 from his first wife and 3 from his second:
Jane 1837 Sheffield
William Mar 1839 Sheffield
Joseph Mar 1841 Sheffield
Alice Dec 1846 Birmingham
George 1849 Birmingham
Ann Jun 1850 Birmingham
Henry Jun 1852 Sheffield

In 1841, the family are living at "Hollis Croft", Sheffield, where George was a white metal smith. Note that their oldest daughter, Jane, was with George's parents on census night:

In 1851, George and family are living at Baily Field, Sheffield. George's wife is now Maria (likely to be Maria LAMB. There is a marriage in March quarter 1846 at Sheffield). The gap in the ages of the children between Allis (Alice) aged 11 and George aged 2 suggests that his first wife Ann died between mid-1841 and about 1848. There are several  Ann Froggatt deaths in the index that would match.

In 1861 George is living with another new wife, Elizabeth and her sons Henry and John CROSSLAND at Bates St, Nether Hallam: 

In 1871, Elizabeth is a widow, living alone as a charwoman at 72 Hermitage St, Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield:

Elizabeth Froggatt is not in the 1881 census, suggesting she had either died or remarried. There are no deaths for an Elizabeth of the right age, but there is a marriage between Elizabeth Froggatt and Edwin James Gregory, at Sheffield in the June quarter 1875. If this is the correct Elizabeth, she was again a widow by 1881, when she appears as Elizabeth Gregory, widow, aged 61 living at Stubley Hollow, Dronfield, her town of birth:

When Elizabeth married George Froggatt in mid-1858, she was a widow with 3 children (Henry b 1847, Mary 1848 & William 1850) from her marriage to William CROSSLAND. William died in mid-1853. William had been married previously to Emma (?) and had two children (Frances 1836 and Edward 1838).

George Froggatt - Ellen Atherton

George married Ellen ATHERTON in the Dec quarter 1874 at Ecclesall Bierlow. They had 8 children:
Mary E. 1877
Annie Jun 1879
Ellen Dec 1881
George 16 May 1884
Herbert Jun 1887
James Sep 1889
Thomas 1893
Alice Sep 1894

In the 1871 census George is working as a bricklayers labourer in Ecclesall Bierlow:

In 1881, George and family are boarding at 17 Burgess St, Sheffield. George is a Brass Finisher:

In the 1891 census, George and family are at 9 Mary Place, Manchester. George is now a spring maker:

And in 1901 they are at 5 Sunnyside Tce, Long Acre, Aston, East Birmingham. George is making garden tools:

George Froggatt - Annie Bridge

According to his birth certificate, George was born at 19 Daisy Walk, Sheffield on 16 May 1884: 

He married Annie BRIDGE in late 1913, registered at Prestwich (8d/560). George and Annie had 4 children:
Claude Ernest Sep 1914
Eric George Sep 1919
Raymond Lloyd Sep 1924

George's Will was dated 13 May 1931:

Raymond Lloyd - June Twamley

Raymond and June were married in mid-1950 in Manchester. They had 4 children, all born in Manchester:
Barry Raymond Dec 1952
Wayne Robert Sep 1956
Cherryl June Mar 1959
Tracey Debra Sep 1961

In the mid-1960s the family emigrated to New Zealand.

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