Beginning with Joseph Goodliffe (1812-?)


As you will see from other pages on my website, I have collected a lot of information about the Goodliffe family. With time, I have researched parts of other Goodliffe families, so it seems useful to make this information available as well. So here is some information about Joseph GOODLIFFE, born in Yorkshire but lived most of his life in Battersea.

                                  James GOODLIFFE
                                 Farmer, Yorkshire
       1824-1850                   c.1812-1887                                  1839-1889           Emma                       Joseph                                        Sarah        KITCHINGMAN========v=========GOODLIFFE============================v=========COLE                          1844                                           1869                           |                                              |               |-----------|--------------|-------------------|             1845        1846            1849             1850-1877          Maria Sarah  Emily Mary    Louisa Ann          James Joseph               |           |              |                   |               |           ?              ?                   |             m:1864                                         m: ?               |                                              |            William                                          Maria                  William               BARKER                               Unk========RUSHTON==========v======ARNOLD              |                                   |           |              |
     |-------|-------|---------|-------|         |           |              |     1865    1870    1872      1875     1876     1871         |              |    Minnie  Robert Elizabeth Charles   Henry    Maria         |              |                                               RUSHTON        |              |                                                              |              |       |---------------|---------------|----------------------|              |-----------|      1872            1874            1875                   1877           1880        1886  James Joseph        Emily         Charlotte              Florence        William     Charles   GOODLIFFE        GOODLIFFE       GOODLIFFE              GOODLIFFE       ARNOLD      ARNOLD       |                 |                |                     |               |     m:1894
Elizabeth Alice     SMITH       |       |--------------|-----------------|--------------------------------|       |              |                 |                                |   1896-1930         1898              1901                             1911  James Charles   Florence       William Frederick                   Kathleen A.       |              |                 |                                |    m:1919          m:1918            m:1924                           m:1939  Kate Selina       Simon          Helen Violet            Clifford    Harold    GOODING        SHAFFIR           WEAVING========m:1949==BEAVIS     HORSLER      |              |                  |                     |          |      |              |-------|          |------------|                   |     1919           1920    1922       1925         1927                1949  Kathleen Mary    Sydney   Doris   Denis Brian  Anthony James       Kathleen C      |              |       |          |            |                   |     m:1940                                        m:1950 Henry NOTLEY                                     Eva HART
     |                                              |

JOSEPH GOODLIFFE (c.1812 – 18??)

Based on the census and other records, Joseph was born in Yorkshire in about 1812, although these records fail to record where in Yorkshire he was from. The birth record for his daughter Maria gives Joseph's father as James, a farmer. By the time of the 1841 census, Joseph had moved to London, where he was residing at West Mews, Belgrave Sq. His occupation is listed as M.S., which I think was Man Servant.

Marriage to Emma Louisa KITCHINGMAN
Joseph married Emma Louisa on 7 April 1844 at the parish church of St Mary West, London. (This church lies just behind Westminster Abbey.) Both gave their address as Whitehall Gardens. Note that the witness Adolphus Hawkins was also married at St Margaret's on the same date.

Joseph and Emma had 4 children before Emma died in late 1850 (Sevenoaks Dec 1850 5/298). As this is the same quarter that son James was born in, she probably died in childbirth or soon after.

Maria Sarah Jun 1845 Sevenoaks
Emily Mary Dec 1846 St George Hanover Sq
Louisa Ann Mar 1849 Sevenoaks
James Joseph Dec 1850 Sevenoaks

So in the 1851 census Joseph is a widower, living at Seal in Kent, where he was the Coachman for Sir George Charles PRATT, 2nd Marquess of Camden (see peerage).

The four children were living with a local family in Sevenoaks, William & Sarah ROOTS in Park Lane.

In 1861, Joseph and his four children are living in Charles St, Kensington where Joseph is a Licenced Vitualler.  He is still a widower.

Marriage to Sarah Elizabeth COLE
Joseph married Sarah in late 1869 (Dec 1869 Islington 1b/419). At the date of marriage, Joseph was aged 57 and Sarah was 30. Sarah was born in mid 1839 (Jun 1839 North Aylesford 5/353).

In 1871 Jospeh was working as the Publican at the Windsor Castle Pub in Windsor Terrace, Marylebone. His second daughter Emily is still living with him.

I have not found Joseph and family in the 1881 census. The only death record for a Joseph is in Dec 1887 at Croydon (2a/157) aged 77. This would give a birth of 1810 that is about right for Joseph.

Sarah Elizabeth died in Ayott-green, Welwyn, Herfordshire on 14 May 1905. The probate register lists her effects at £1056/14/6, with administration to Daniel Cole ligherman, her brother.

The Children of Joseph and Emma


Maria was born in Sevenoaks, Kent on 8 April 1845. Joseph is listed as a Coachman living at Belgrave Mews.

In 1864 she married William BARKER (Jun 1864 Shoreditch 1c/412) who was born in 1843 in Iford, Essex. Note the witnesses to her marriage were Joseph Harrison and Emma KITCHINGMAN. These would have been her uncle & aunt or cousins, as Maria's mother was a KITCHINGMAN.

In the 1871 census they are living at Mile End New Town, Tower Hamlet, with daughter Minnie, born in 1865. By 1881 Maria and William had had five children, although Minnie is not with them in 1881 as she had died. In 1891 and 1901 William and Maria were at 318 Grange Road, Plaistow. In 1911 they had moved to Upton Park, East Ham.

1871 Census - Mile End New Town

1881 Census - Plaistow
1891 Census - Plaistow
1901 Census - Plaistow
1911 Census - East Ham

James Joseph GOODLIFFE

James was born in Sevenoaks Kent in late 1850. His story is told here.

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