Joseph James GOODLIFFE (1872-1894)

Joseph James GOODLIFFE was the oldest child of James Joseph and Maria RUSHTON and was born in London in 1872.

                                  James GOODLIFFE
                                 Farmer, Yorkshire
          Emma                       Joseph
       1824-1850         1844      c.1812-1887
         Maria Sarah  Emily Mary     Louisa Ann    James Joseph
            1845-        1846-          1849-       1850-1877
              |           |              |              |
James Joseph        Emily         Charlotte         Florence
     1872            1874            1875              1877
      |               |               |                 |
Elizabeth Alice
 Joseph Charles          Florence     William Frederick                   Kathleen A.
  1896-1930                1898-            1901-?                         1911-1978
      |                     |                 |                                |
    m:1919                m:1918            m:1924                           m:1939
 Kate Selina             Simon          Helen Violet            Clifford    Harold
   GOODING               SHAFFIR           WEAVING========m:1949==BEAVIS     HORSLER
  1894-1963             1893-1973          1899-1994            1908-1993  1913-1999
      |                     |                  |                    |          |
      |-----------|         |-------|          |---------------|               |
 Kathleen Mary  Alfred   Sydney   Doris   Denis Brian     Anthony James    Kathleen C
  1919-1979   1926-1995 1920-1996  1922    1925-2001       1927-2014         1947-
      |           |         |       |          |-------|       |               |
    m:1940      m:1951    m:1944  m:1922    m1:1948   m2:?   m:1950          m:1974
    Henry       Olive      Rae    Thomas     Gladys  Pauline  Eva            Terence
     |            |         |       |           |       |      |                |

Joseph James, usually known as James, was born 16 July 1872 at 11 Lizard St, St Luke, London:

Joseph James and his sister Emily were baptised together at the Holy Trinity Church, Islington on 26 April 1874.

His father, a scaffolder, was killed in 1877, leaving his wife Maria with 4 small children. In the 1881 and 1891 censuses, the family was living with William Arnold (whom Maria eventually "married" and had two more children):

1881 census

1891 census

Marriage to Elizabeth Alice SMITH
James married Elizabeth Alice SMITH (usually named as Alice in the records) on Christmas Day in 1894 at St Pauls Church, Clapham. He was a bricklayer aged 23 and she a spinster aged 20. Note that Alice Elizabeth Smith could sign her name, but neither James Joseph nor his sister could write, the marriage record showing "His Mark"

Click on the image for the full record

James and Elizabeth had 4 children. Although there is a 10 year gap to their youngest (Kathleen Elizabeth) she is listed with them in the 1939 Electoral Rol, confirming the relationship:

James Charles Jun 1896 Wandsworth 1d/575
Florence Elizabeth Dec 1898 Wandsworth 1d/568
William Frederick Sep 1901 Wandsworth 1d/567
Kathleen Elizabeth Sep 1911 Wandsworth 1d/931

In the 1901 census James and Elizabeth were living at 123 Wincherley Rd, Battersea:

James and Elizabeth in 1911 were at Queens Building, 25 Broughton St, Battersea:

James Joseph is listed in various electoral rolls: In 1910 at 8 Arliss Road, Wandsworth; in 1911 & 1912 at 25 Broughton St. Then there is a gap to 1939 when he, wife Alice and daughter Kathleen were at 26 Stonhouse St Clapham.

In the 1939 war register, Joseph was at 26 Stonhouse st, occupation - Sanitary Cleaner.

James Joseph died in Battersea in Jun 1940, aged 68.
His wife Elizabeth Alice died in 1962 (Dec qtr Battersea 5c/55), aged 87.

The Children of James and Elizabeth Alice Goodliffe

James Charles

James was born 2 April 1896 and baptised at Christ Church, Clapham on 3 November 1896. The civil registration of his birth names him as James Charles, but he was baptised as Joseph James. I think the baptism name was a mistake.

He married Kate Selina GOODING in 1919 (Mar qtr Wandsworth 1d/1003). James and Kate had two children.

Kathleen Mary GOODLIFFE was born 10 October 1919, registered in Lambeth. Kathleen married Henry NOTLEY in 1940 and they had 3 children. Kathleen died in early 1979.

Alfred GOODLIFFE was born 1 March 1926 in Wandsworth. He married Olive LINTURN in 1951 and they had three children. Alfred died in 1995.

Florence Elizabeth

Florence was born in 1898 (Dec qtr Wandsworth 1d/568). She married Simon SHAFFIR (or GRITZMAN) on 27 April 1918. The marriage is indexed under both Shaffir and Gritzman. Simon was the son of Polish immigrants (Joseph and Hannah GRITZMAN). In 1901 the Gritzman family was living in Whitechapel:

Simon and Florence had two children:

Sydney Joseph Shaffir 15 March 1920 Wandsworth, London
Doris Florence Shaffir 11 July 1922 Wandsworth, London

Sydney married Raie BOBROFF in London in 1944. They had two children before migrating to the United State. They lived in Miami. Sydney became a naturalized citizen on 18 July 1983. He died in Pembroke Pines, Broward, Florida on 7 February 1996. Raie died there on 6 March 2012.

Doris married Thomas DORAN in London in 1942. They had one son, born in Brighton. Doris died in 1988.

William Frederick

William was born in 1901. He married Helen Violet WEAVING in 1924. The story of his family is here.

Kathleen Alice Elizabeth

Kathleen Alice was born 4 June 1911. She is listed in the 1939 electoral roll as living with her father James, but later in 1939 she married Harold HORSLER a police constable and they moved a few doors down the road from number 26 to no 10 Stonhouse St, Clapham. Note that in 1939 James had two police constables as boarders, so this may be how Kathleen met Harold.

It would appear that Kathleen and Harold had only one child, Kathleen Carol born 1947 who married Terence BONEHILL in 1974.

Kathleen died at 5 Rozel St London on 28 September 1978, aged 67.

Harold HORLSER died in London in 1999 aged 86.

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