William Frederick GOODLIFFE (1901-?)

William Frederick GOODLIFFE was the third child of Joseph James and Elizabeth Alice SMITH and was born in London on 29 June 1901.

                                  James GOODLIFFE
                                 Farmer, Yorkshire
           |                            |
       Emma Louise                 James Joseph
        1824-1850       m:1844
                    James Joseph======v=======Maria RUSHTON
                      1850-1877     m:-
  Joseph James        Emily         Charlotte              Florence
     1872             1874            1875                   1877
      |                |               |                      |
Elizabeth Alice
 James Charles                     Florence E.   William Frederick                   Kathleen A.
  1896-1930                           1898-             1901-                         1911-1978
      |                                |                 |                                |
    m:1919                           m:1918            m:1924                           m:1939
  Kate Selina            Arthur      Simon          Helen Violet             Clifford   Harold
   GOODING====m2:1940===McFARLANE   SHAFFIR           WEAVING========m2:1949==BEAVIS    HORSLER
 1894-1963              1911-1992  1895-1973          1889-1994             1908-1993  1913-1999
     |                      |          |                  |                     |          |
     |                                 |                  |                                |
     |-------------|                   |-------|          |------------------|             |
 Kathleen Mary Alfred J.             Sydney   Doris   Denis Brian      Anthony James   Kathleen C
 1919-1979       1926-                1920    1922    1925-2001          1927-2014       1949-
     |             |                   |       |          |--------|         |             |
   m:1940        m:1951                                m1:1948  m2:1960    m:1950        m:1974
   Henry         Olive                                  Gladys  Pauline     Eva         Terence
   NOTLEY       LINTURN                                 JORDAN     |        HART        BONEHILL
 1919-1998       1828-                                 914-1979    |     1925-2007       1942-
     |             |                                      |        |         |             ?

William married Helen Violet WEAVING in 1924 (Dec qtr Exeter 5b/243).

Helen Violet was the daughter of Daniel & Louisa WEAVING, born 28 February 1899. Helen and her siblings were all baptised together on 30 May 1909 at Colebrooke, Devon.

William and Helen had two sons:

Denis Brian 30 July 1925
Anthony James 18 May 1927

There is a suggestion that William Frederisk (nicknamed "Bailey") was the "black Sheep" who left Helen and family and moved to London. Certainly by 1939 he was in London, working as a chef and living with his parents Joseph & Alice at 26 Stonhouse St. His sister Kathleen was also at 26 Stonhouse St, Clapham in the 1939 electoral roll but she married Harold HORSLER in 1939 and moved a few doors away to 10 Stonhouse St.

1939 Electoral Roll

1939 War Register

In the same 1939 Register, Helen Violet and her two children were living with her mother and two sisters at 11 Jore St, Exeter. At the same address was Clifford E. BEAVIS, whom Helen would marry in 1949.

In the 1950s the family emigrated to New Zealan, one by one. First to leave was Tony, who had married Eva Selina HART in 1950. Tony and Selina went first to Sydney onboard the Orion departing London on 5 June 1953.

Next to emigrate to New Zealand was Denis, departing on the ship Rangitane on 29 July 1957.

Denis had married Gladys May JORDAN in Exeter in 1948. They had two children, Kay and Philip. (Gladys was a widow, having married Ernest GOODLAND in 1941 in Exeter. They had one child, Pauline, before Ernest died in a Japanese POW camp in Malaya in 1944. After Denis left her, Gladys married Edward BODDY in 1968.) Denis abandoned his family in Exeter and followed his brother to New Zealand. He met Pauline and they had three children. Denis and Pauline became involved in vintage cars, running the car museum at Feilding. Denis died 30 August 2001 in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Denis GOODLIFFE driving the wedding car in Palmerston North, New Zealand, probably in the late 1950s

The vintage car museum in Feilding, New Zealand, run by Denis and Pauline GOODLIFFE

Finally their mother, Helen Violet, and her new husband Clifford BEAVIS emigrated to New Zealand, departing London, also on the Rangitane on 14 February 1958. Note that on all three shipping registers the given home address was 8 Abbots Road, Exeter, confirming the relationships between the travellers.

Helen Violet died in Cambridge, New Zealand on 8 February 1990. Her second husband Clifford died in 1993. Both are interred at the RSA section of the Cambridge Cemetery.

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