James Joseph GOODLIFFE (1850-1877)

James Joseph GOODLIFFE was the youngest child of Joseph and Emma and was born in Sevenoaks, Kent.

                                  James GOODLIFFE
                                 Farmer, Yorkshire
          Emma                       Joseph                                Sarah
       1824-1850        m:1844      c.1812-1887                   m:1869  1839-1889
                          |                                         |
         Maria Sarah  Emily Mary    Louisa Ann          James Joseph
            1845-       1846-        1849-1905           1850-1877
              |           |              |                   |
                                                        Maria Fanny             William
                                                |        1851-1903         |
                                              Maria          |             |
                                              RUSHTON        |             |
                                               1871-?        |             |
      |---------------|---------------|----------------------|             |-----------|
 James Joseph        Emily         Charlotte              Florence       William     Charles
  1872-1940          1874-           1875-                1877-         1882-       1885-
      |                |               |                    |             |           |
    m:1894             ?
Elizabeth Alice 
    Joseph  Florence William  Kathleen 
  1896-1930  1898-?   1901-? 1911-1978

James' mother Emma died in late 1850, at about the time that James was born, leaving Joseph with a new-born baby and 3 small children. In the 1851 census James aged 6 months is being cared for by a local family, William and Sarah ROOTS. In 1861 James and siblings are back living with Joseph in Charles St, Kensington (see the pages for Joseph).

In the 1871 census James is working as a servant for a licenced vitualler, the same occupation as his father had:

Marriage (or not) to Maria Fanny RUSHTON
James is unmarried in the 1871 census, but in July 1872 he and Maria had a son Joseph James. I cannot find any record of a marriage for James and Maria, so I conclude they were never actually married. Maria's life is an interesting study in itself, and more information is here. You can return to this story of James when you have read about Maria....

James and Maria had 4 children:

Joseph James 16 July 1872 St Luke, Middlesex
Emily Ann Jun 1874 Islington 1b/246
Charlotte Catherine Dec 1875 Wandsworth 1d/616
Florence Maria Sep 1877 Wandsworth 1d/577

James was a scaffolder and he apparently fell off scaffolding and died in early 1877 (March qtr Kensington 1a/110). This was before his youngest daughter, Florence, was born.

I have not traced the lives of the 3 daughters, but the story of Joseph James continues here.

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