Beginning with Joseph Froggatt (1810-?)


I am often asked - "Are you related to Joanne Froggatt, the actress?". Well... the surname is the same, so I could be, but I did not know for certain. The only way to find out was to work backwards from Joanne and see if we had ancestors in common. The short answer is - no, we don't, unfortunately (at least not back to 1800), but it has been fun and somewhat frustrating, working on it. So here is the Froggatt of Sheffield family tree as best as I can determine it (noting that there were several Froggatt families in Sheffield). There may be errors and omissions. I may have assumed connections that do not stand up to more scrutiny: certainly some of the family trees that I examined online have errors. You are welcome to email me with more information or to tell me where I have erred. (paul at frogs.co.nz).

You may be amused to note that I spent some time following up the wrong Froggatt family. Working back to Alan Froggatt, I found his mother's maiden name was FURNISS. An "Ann" Furniss (born 1887 Sheffield) had married John Alfred Froggatt in 1906 in Rotherham so I followed this lead back in time with the Froggatt and YELLAND families. Only later did I discover that an "Annie" Furniss (born 1887 Sheffield) was a different person. Annie had married William Henry Froggatt in 1908 in Sheffield. Of course the birth certificate for Alan confirmed the latter Annie Furniss was his mother, meaning I had spent a lot of time researching the wrong family. What were the odds of there being two Ann Furniss's born in 1887 and both marrying a Froggatt, in Sheffield....
(You can see the other family here.)

The FROGGATT of Sheffield family tree in outline

This is the outline of the family tree from Joseph (1807) down to Joanne, as best I can determine it. All the information here is in the public domain, compiled from publicly available data sources. You can click on the highlighted names to go to more information about that person and their family, or scroll down and follow the links.

                                       m:Susan JACKSON
               Ann    John    William       James
            1769-1770 1770-    1773-      1776-1829
                                        Hannah WEBSTER
William  George  James  John     Joseph    Harriet  Henry    Samuel  Charles  Mary
 1801-   1804-   1806-  1808-  1810-1878  1812-1831 1814-  1817-1823  1820    1823
                               Mary Ann
     Henry          Fanny       George   William    Albert  Joseph  ?Kate  ?John  Harriet
  1834-1910       1837-1880   1839-1903 1842-1900  1846-  1848-   1858-  1858-   1860-
      |               |           |         |
  Joseph        David      James      George  Albert   William
 1856-1867    1858-1939  1861-1934  1865-1953  1871-  1874-1895
             Sarah DRAPER
             William Henry
                Ernest     Jack      Alan
              1909-1991 1914-1980 1916-1994
                            |         |
                        Keith        male  female female
                    Ann LAYCOCK
                        Daniel       Joanne=====v=====James CANNON
                         1976-       1980-     2012


Based on the census records (see below), Joseph was born in Barlborough, Derbyshire, a small village about 20 km southeast of Sheffield. Searching through the baptism records for Barlborough, Joseph was born to James Froggatt and Hannah (nee WEBSTER) in late 1810 and baptised on 23 December 1810. Joseph was the sixth of the 11 children of James and Hannah.

1810 baptism for Joseph FROGGATT at Barlborough, Derbyshire.

Marriage to Mary Ann STANIFORTH James married Mary Ann on 27 September 1835 at the parish church in Rotherham. Both signed with an "X".

1835 marriage of Joseph FROGGATT and Mary Ann STANIFORTH at Rotherham Minster.

Mary was born in Attercliffe on 1 January 1818 to George and Frances STANIFORTH. She was baptised at Attercliffe on 1 February 1818:

1818 baptism for Mary Ann STANIFORTH at Attercliffe, Sheffield.

Joseph and Mary Ann had 8 children. All but George were born at Sheffield. I can only find baptism records for the younger 4 and these all show the family was living at Corker Bottoms, Sheffield. Note there is a gap of 10 years between the births of Joseph and John.There are some court records for a Joseph suggesting he may have been locked up for some of this period. Note also that the Kate FROGGATT shown with this family on later census records was NOT the daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann, but the daughter of Fanny (see details below).

Name Year of Birth Where baptised
Henry 1834 Attercliffe, Sheffield
Frances (Fanny) 1837 Born 1837, baptised St John's Sheffield 17 December 1837 Registered Dec Quarter 1837 at Sheffield 22/326.
George 1839 Born Ecclesfield and registered at Wortley .  Union June quarter 22/694.
William 1842 Registered at Sheffield Sep quarter 22/495.
Albert 1846 Born 1848, baptised St John's Sheffield 7 February1846. Registered at Sheffield Mar quarter 22/603
Joseph 1848 Born 1 March 1848, baptised St John's Sheffield 9 April 1848. Registered at Sheffield Mar quarter 22/576
John 1858 Born 26 April 1858, baptised St John's Sheffield 19 May1858. Registered at Sheffield Jun quarter 9c/329
Harriet 1860 Born 29 November 1860, baptised St John's Sheffield 27 Jan 1861. Registered at Sheffield Mar quarter 9c/332.

There are baptism records for five of the children; four at St John's Church, Park, Sheffield and Fanny at Attercliffe. St John's Church is a short distance from Corker Bottoms, but its records begin in 1840:

St Johns Church, Park, Sheffield where the 4 younger children were baptised.

1841 census: James and Mary Ann are in the 1841 census living at Worksop Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield. By 1841 they had Henry, Frances (Fanny) and George aged 4, 3 and 2. Joseph was aged 30 and listed without an occupation. Mary Ann was aged 20 (but remember ages in the 1841 census are rounded to the nearest 5 years).

1841 census for Joseph at Worksop Rd, Attercliffe

1851 census: By 1851 James and Mary Ann had moved a few miles south to the outskirts of Sheffield and were living at Corker Bottoms, Sheffield. Today this is a wild area with allotment gardens adjacent to the A57 Sheffield Parkway. Henry, Fanny and George were still alive and they had added William, Albert and Joseph to the family.

1851 census entry for Joseph at Corker Bottoms, Sheffield

1861 census: In 1861 the family was still living at Corker Bottoms. Joseph and his sons were all Coke Burners. Note that Kate, although shown as "daughter" was in fact the daughter of Fanny.

1878 burial for Joseph at Handsworth, Sheffield.

Death of May Ann in 1865: Mary Ann (nee STANIFORTH) died in December 1865 and was buried at St John's Church, Park, Sheffield on 8 December. She was aged 48 years.

1865 burial for Mary Ann FROGGATT at St John's Sheffield.

1871 census: Although I can find all 7 living children (Harriet had died in 1861) in the 1871 census I cannot find Joseph the widower.

Joseph died in 1878: Joseph died around 1 February 1878 and was buried at Handsworth Sheffield on 2 February 1878 aged 68.

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The Children of Joseph and Mary Ann FROGGATT

Henry FROGGATT (1836-1910)

Henry was born around 1836 at Attercliffe, Sheffield. I cannot find a registration for his birth or baptism. He is listed in the 1841 and 1851 censuses with Joseph and Mary Ann.

Henry married Elizabeth HAYES on 23 December 1855 at St Peter & Paul Cathedral, Sheffield.

1855 marriage for Henry FROGGATT and Elizabeth HAYES at Sheffield Cathedral.

Henry and Elizabeth had six children, all boys. They also adopted a daughter, Kate JOHNSON.

The details of Henry and Elizabeth and their family can be found here.

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Fanny (Frances) FROGGATT (1837-1880)

Fanny was born in late 1837 at Darnal, Sheffield to Joseph and Mary Ann FROGGATT. She was baptised at the parish church of Attercliffe cum Darnal on 17 December 1837.

1837 baptism for Fanny FROGGATT.

Fanny is in the 1841 and 1851 censuses with Joseph and Mary Ann.

1841 census for Fanny FROGGATT.

1851 census for Fanny FROGGATT.

On 27 December 1857 Fanny gave birth to a daughter, Kate FROGGATT. By this date the family were living at Corker Bottom, Sheffield. In the 1861 census Kate is recorded as the daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann.

1857 baptism for Fanny FROGGATT.

1861 census for Kate and Fanny FROGGATT.

Fanny FROGGATT married Philip GELL in late 1867 (Dec quarter, Sheffield 9c/371). They are together in the 1871 census living next to Fanny's brothers Joseph and Albert at the small village of Intake, Handsworth, Sheffield. Her daughter Kate is not with her in this census.

1871 census for Fanny and Philip GELL at Intake, Sheffield.

1891 census for Philip GELL at Intake, Sheffield.

It appears that Fanny did not have any more children. Fanny died in mid-1880 (Jun quarter Sheffield 9c/333) aged 43.

Philip GELL continued to live at Intake. He is not obvious in the 1881 census but is there in 1891. Philip died in early 1901 aged 71 (Jun quarter Sheffield 9c/371).

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George FROGGATT (1839-1903)

George was born in 1839 to Joseph and Mary Ann FROGGATT, the birth registered in the June quarter at Ecclesall, (Wortley Union 22/694). George is in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses living with his parents.

In 1869 George married Sarah Ann WALKER at Sheffield (Jun quarter 9c/436) although I cannot find a baptism for him. In the 1871 census they were living at Intake and had a young son William James. They had four children, but their youngest, Walter died in 1875, only a few weeks old.

Name Year of Birth Where registered or baptised Year of Death
William James
Jun 1870 Sheffield 9c/512
Harriet Dec 1871 Sheffield 9c/512
Mary Ellen Dec 1873 Sheffield 9c/366
Walter Jun 1875 Sheffield 9c/576 Jun 1875
Sheffield 9c/351

1871 census for George and Sarah Ann Froggatt at Intake, Sheffield.

1881 census for George and Sarah Ann Froggatt at Intake.

1891 census for George and Sarah Ann Froggatt at Intake.

1901 census for George and Sarah Ann Froggatt at Intake.

In the1901 census George and Sarah Ann have their grand-daughter living with them Edith Harriet is the daughter of Harriet and Charles HANDLEY.

Sarah Ann died in late 1901 aged 63, the death registered at Sheffield (Dec quarter 9c/431).

George died a few months later in 1903 aged 64 (1903 Mar quarter 9c/387).

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William FROGGATT (1842-1900)

William was born in mid-1842, at Attercliffe, Sheffield to Joseph and Mary Ann FROGGATT. The birth was registered at Sheffield (Aug quarter 22/495). William is with his parents in the 1851 and 1861 census records.

William married Elizabeth WALKER on 5 June 1865 at the Cathedral of St Peter & St Paul, Sheffield. They were both living at Duke St, Sheffield at the time. By 1871 they had 3 children. Also withWilliam and Elizabeth was William's younger brother John, and Uncle George.

1865 marriage for William FROGGATT and Elizabeth WALKER at Sheffield.

1871 census for William and Elizabeth WALKER, living at 135 Kimbermarsh St, Kimbermarsh.

William and Elizabeth had 7 children, only six appear in the baptism records:

Name Year of Birth Where registered or baptised Year of Death
Walter 19 Dec 1865 Bap 3 Jan 1866, St John, Park, Sheffield.
Reg Mar 1866 9c/365

George 1867 Bap 28 Sept 1867 Attercliffe.
Reg Sheffield Sep 1867 9c/472.

Mary Ann 1869 Bap 16 April 1871, Christ Church Gleadless.
Reg Dec 1869 Sheffield 9c/472.

Harriet Sep 1874 Sheffield 9c/567.
William 10 Feb 1880 Bap 28 March 1888 at St Lukes, Dyers Hill.
Reg Sheffield 9c/581

Ernest 13 December 1884 Baptised 21 January 1885 at St Lukes, Dyers Hill.
Reg Sheffield 9c/504

Elizabeth Emma 28 February 1888 Baptised 28 March 1888, St Lukes, Dyers Hill.
Reg Sheffield 9c/483

Baptism records for four of the children.

1866 baptism for Walter FROGGATT at Attercliffe.

1867 baptism for George FROGGATT at Attercliffe.

1871 baptism for Mary Ann FROGGATT at Christ Church, Gleadless, Sheffield. The family were now living at Intake.

1885 baptism for WilliamFROGGATT at St Lukes, Dyers Hill, Sheffield.

1885 baptism for Earnest FROGGATT at St Lukes, Dyers Hill, Sheffield.

1885 baptism for Elizabeth Emma FROGGATT at St Lukes, Dyers Hill, Sheffield.

In the 1881 census William and Elizabeth were living at Intake, Handsworth Sheffield.

1881 census for William and Elizabeth at Intake, Handsworth, Sheffield

1891 census for William and Elizabeth living at 82 Hereford St, Sheffield (today this is a car park).

William died in 1900 (Sep quarter Ecclesall Bierlow 9c/253) and was buried on 9 July 1900 at the City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.

Elizabeth is in the 1901 census living at 9 Furnival Lane in central Sheffield with her children Ernest and Elizabeth Emma.

1865 marriage for William FROGGATT and Elizabeth WALKER at Sheffield.

Elizabeth was difficult to find in the 1911 census because she had remarried. She married Charles PIGOTT at St Mary's Sheffield on 13 March 1904. In 1911 she is with Charles and his 2 youngest children at 41 Leeds Rd, Attercliffe.

1904 marriage for Elizabeth FROGGATT (WALKER) and Charles PIGOTT at Sheffield.

1911 census for Elizabeth and Charles living at 141 Leeds Rd, Sheffield.

Elizabeth died in January 1917 and was buried at the City Road Cemetery, Sheffield on 9 January 1917.

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Albert FROGGATT (1846-xx)

Albert was born to Joseph and Mary Ann at Heanor in 1846. He was baptised at St Johns Church, Park Sheffield on 7 February 1846. He is recorded in the 1851 and 1861 censuses with his parents. Albert married Mary CLAYTON on 3 June 1866 at St Philip, Sheffield. Both were minors. Albert, as with most of his siblings could not write, but Mary could sign her name. Note the witness was Fanny FROGGATT, Albert's sister.

1846 baptism for Albert FROGGATT at St Johns, Park, Sheffield.

1866 marriage for Albert FROGGATT and Mary CLAYTON at St Philips, Sheffield.

Albert and Mary had 5 children. Only Sarah Ann appears to have been baptised:

Name Year of Birth Where registered or baptised Year of Death
Joseph Jun 1867 Sheffield 9c/516
Sarah Ann 3 June 1869 Bap 6 Jan 1870, Wesleyan Chapel Gleadless.
Reg Sheffield 9c/463
Died 1883, Buried 29 October 1883, City Road Cemetery
William John Sep 1871 Reg Sheffield 9c/487
Henry Sep 1873 Reg Sheffield 9c/531 Died 1875, buried 23 May 1875 Gleadless Christ Church, Sheffield
Thomas Henry Dec 1879 Reg Sheffield 9c/474 Died 1948, buried 9 August 1948, Woodhouse Cemetery, Sheffield

In 1871 Albert and Mary were living with his sister Fanny and brother Joseph at Intake, Sheffield. Albert was a farm labourer. In 1881 they had moved to South St, Sheffield and Albert was an engine driver:

1871 census for Albert FROGGATT at Intake, Sheffield.

1881 census for Albert FROGGATT at South St, Sheffield.

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