Henry Froggatt (1837-1910)


Henry FROGGATT, born around 1837 in Attercliffe, Sheffield, was the oldest son of Joseph FROGGATT and Mary Ann (STANIFORTH). These are the details of his life and family as best as I can piece together.

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The FROGGATT of Sheffield family tree in outline

This is the outline of the family tree showing Henry's direct ancestors and his descendants. It does not show his siblings or aunts, uncles etc. All the information here is in the public domain, compiled from publicly available data sources. You can click on the highlighted names to go to more information about that person and their family, or scroll down and follow the links.

                                             m:Susan JACKSON
                     Ann    John    William       James
                  1769-1770 1770-    1773-      1776-1829
                                              Hannah WEBSTER
                                                 Mary Ann
    Joseph            David                        James                      George    Albert    William   Kate THOMPSON
  1856-1867         1858-1939                    1861-1934                  1865-1953 1871-?1871 1874-1895     1873-
      |                 |                            |                          | 
                      m:1880                       m:1880                     m:1886
                   Ellen CRAIG                  Sarah DRAPER                Elizabeth
                   1860-1947                     1862-1946                    BAUGH
                       |                             |                          |
      |---------|------|--------------|              |-------|---------|        |------|----|----- ---|-------|
  Gertrude Florence Frances          Elsie       Elizabeth  Ellen   William    Alice  John  Ethel    Lizzie  George
  1882-1883 1884-    1887-         1892-1928       1881-?1883-1885 1885-1946  1891-  1893- 1896-  1900-1900  1902-
              |        |               |             |       |         |        |      |    |         |       |
           m:1911    m:1918          m:1912                          m:1908
           Oliver     Fred           Harry                           Annie
           WRIGHT    TAYLOR        STODDART                          FURNISS
          1885-1948 1889-1964        1886-                   |---------|---------|
        }-----|         |-------|      |-------|           Ernest     Jack      Alan
      Doris  Joan    Douglas  Norman   Alan  Eileen      1909-1991 1914-1980 1916-1994
        1912-  1917-    1919- 1929-1984 1914- 1918-1992        |         |         |
                                                             m:1934    m:1938    m:1946
                                                           Annie      Mary     Norah
                                                         WHITEHOUSE  JACKSON    KAYE
                                                                      1915-    1926-
                                                                             Ann LAYCOCK
                                                                  Daniel       Joanne
                                                                             James CANNON

HENRY FROGGATT (1836-1810)

Based on the census records (see below), Henry was born in Attercliffe, Sheffield around 1836. I cannot find a baptism record for Henry in Attercliffe so he may not have be baptised there. His parents were married in September 1835 and his sister Fanny was baptised in December 1837 so he was likely to have been born late 1836.

1841 & 1851 census: Henry is in the 1841 & 1851 census records living with Joseph and Mary Ann:

Henry in the 1841 & 1851 census

Marriage to Elizabeth HAYES: Henry married Elizabeth HAYES on 23 December 1855 at the Cathedral of St Peter & St Paul, Sheffield. 

Marriage of Henry Froggatt and Elizabeth HAYES at Sheffield in 1855

Henry and Elizabeth had six children (all boys) and they adopted a daughter.

Name Birth - Death Registered
Joseph 1856 - 1867 B: Jun 1856 Sheffield 9c/349
D: Jun 1867 Sheffield 9c/276
David 1858 - B: Jun 1858 Sheffield 9c/329
James 1861 - B: Jun 1861 Sheffield 9c/363
George 1865 - B: Mar 1865 Sheffield 9c/392
Albert 1871 - B: Dec 1871 Sheffield 9c/486
William 1874 - B: Mar 1874 Sheffield 9c/573
1858 -

1861 census: In 1861 Henry and Elizabeth were living at "Manor", an area just west of Corker Bottoms and today known as Manor Cottages. With Henry were his sons Joseph, David and James.

1861 census for Henry at Manor, Park, Sheffield

1871 census: By 1871 Henry and Elizabeth had moved a few miles southeast to Normanton Spring. They had David, James and their young son George with them. Their son Joseph had died in 1867, aged 11. Note that they have a Joseph JOHNSON (Nurse Boy) living with them. The Johnson name reappears later.

1881 census: The 1881 census is problematic - Henry cannot be found, BUT, there is an entry for a "Thomas" Froggatt, Coke Burner with wife Elizabeth and children George and William. On balance, this is Henry and family. Living with the family was Kate THOMPSON, identified as "adopted daughter", aged 8 and born in Nottingham. (BUT note that her name is difficult to decipher on the census and I am not sure that Thompson is correct).

1881 census for Henry at Normanton Spring, Sheffield.

1891 census: In 1891 Henry and Elizabeth were still living at Normanton Spring, with William and Kate, now recorded as daughter.

1891 census for Henry at Normanton Spring, Sheffield.

Death of Elizabeth in 1898: Elizabeth (nee HAYES) died in October 1898 and was buried at Sheffield Woodhouse Cemetery on 14 October 1898. She was aged 60 years.

1901 census: In 1901, Henry the widower was living with his son David at Sheffield Rd, Handsworth. This is just a mile north of Normanton Spring and 2-3 miles east of Manor and Corker Bottoms. He is listed as a wood cutter.

1901 census for Henry at Handsworth, Sheffield.

Henry died in June 1910: and was buried at Sheffield Woodhouse Cemetery on 12 June 1910 aged 73.

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The Children of Henry and Elizabeth FROGGATT

David FROGGATT (1858 -1939)

David was born in 1858 at Sheffield (registration Jun quarter 9c/329). He is listed in the 1861 and 1871 censuses with his parents Henry and Elizabeth.

David married Ellen CRAIG on 26 June 1880 at St James Church, Handsworth Woodhouse, Sheffield. David was a miner and both were living at Normanton Springs. The witnesses were James Froggatt (David's brother) and Sarah Ann DRAPER (who married James on 25 Dec 1880).

1880 marriage for David FROGGATT and Ellen CRAIG at St James, Woodhouse, Sheffield.

David and Ellen had four children.

Name Birth - Death Registered
Gertrude 1882 - 1883 B: Sep 1882 Sheffield 9c/589
D: Jun 1883 Sheffield 9c/363
Florence 1884 - B: Sep 1884 Sheffield 9c/597
Frances Ellen 1887 - B: Mar 1887 Sheffield 9c/564
Elsie 1892 - B: Mar 1892 Sheffield 9c/661

1881-1911 censuses: The 1881 entry for David and Ellen is very faint and difficult to read. They were at Springs Terrace, Sheffield Road, Hansworth. David was a coal (?Burner?), aged 22, but as he was aged 23 on his marriage a year earlier, his age is wrong on the census.

1881 census for David and Ellen at Springs Tce, Handsworth, Sheffield.

1891 census for David and Ellen at Handsworth, Sheffield.

1901 census for David and Ellen at Handsworth, Sheffield.

1911 census for David and Ellen at Handsworth, Sheffield.

The 1911 census has some interesting details. First, David is no longer a coal miner, he is now a grocer. Second, Elsie is working as a cashier at a chemist shop. Third, the family has a boarder, Oliver WRIGHT, who was a Medical Botanist, or chemist, born in Denbighshire. A few months after the census, Florence FROGGATT married Oliver WRIGHT.

David died in 1939: David died in early 1939, just before the 1939 national register was taken (Sheffield Mar 1939 9c/778).

1939 register: Ellen was living with her daughter Florence, now married to Oliver Wright. They were living at 11a Abbey Cresent, on the southwest outskirts of Sheffield.

1939 census for Ellen and daughter Florence at 11a Abbey Cres, Sheffield.
11a Abbey Cres (centre dwelling), Sheffield today.

Ellen FROGGATT (nee CRAIG) died in mid 1947, aged 87 (Sheffield Jun 1947 2d/226).

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James FROGGATT (1861-1934 )

James was the third child of Henry and Elizabeth, born in 1861 in Sheffield. He is in the 1861 and 1871 censuses with his parents.

1861 census for James FROGGATT.

1871 census for James FROGGATT.

James married Sarah Ann DRAPER on Christmas Day 1880 at the parish church of Handsworth St James, Sheffield. They were both living at Normanton Springs. Note that James was born early 1861 so was only 19 years old and Sarah Ann was born 21 April 1862 so was only 18.

1880 marriage for James FROGGATT adn Sarah Ann DRAPER at St James Handsworth.

In the 1881 census, only a few months after their marriage, James had aged to 27 (it should have been 21) and Sarah Ann was 19, her correct age. By the 1891 census though, they had their ages correct.

1881 census for James and Sarah Ann FROGGATT, at Gleadless Rd, Sheffield.

1891 census for James and Sarah Ann FROGGATT at Normanton Spring

1901 census for James and Sarah Ann FROGGATT, at Normanton Spa, Sheffield.

The 1911 census is interesting. Sarah Ann, her daughter Elizabeth and her daughter Margaret were living with William Henry and his family. James was in Wakefield Prison.

1911 census for Sarah Ann FROGGATT living with her son William at Laughton Common, Dinnington, Rotherham

1911 census for James FROGGATT at Wakefield Prison

Prison records for James at Wakefield Prison. On each occasion the offence was Bastardy arrears. So in addition to his 15 children with Sarah Ann, he had at least one more....

James FROGGATT at Wakefield Prison release date 7 Sep 1911

James FROGGATT at Wakefield Prison release date 28 Dec 1912

James FROGGATT at Wakefield Prison release date 23 July 1913

James FROGGATT at Wakefield Prison release date 8 Jan 1914

James died  in 1934, aged 73, registered March quarter, Haslingden 8e/172. We can be reasonably sure this is the correct person, as his wife Sarah Ann, and daughter Elizabeth were living here at 14 Royds St, Accrington in the 1939 register. Also, Elizabeth's grandson, Kenneth C ECCLES was born 18 April 1939 and the birth was registered at Haslingden.

Sarah Jane died in 1946 aged 85, her death recorded in December quarter Haslingden 10c/290.

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George FROGGATT (1865-1953)

George was born in early 1865, the birth was registered at Sheffield (Mar quarter 9c/392). George was with his parents in the 1871 and 1881 census records.

1871 census for George, living at Normanton Spring.

1881 census for George, living at Normanton Spring.

George married Elizabeth BAUGH on 28 February 1886 at the church of St Mary Magdalene, Altofts, Wakefield..

1886 marriage for George Froggatt and Elizabeth BAUGH, at St Mary Magdalene, Altofts, Yorkshire.

St Mary Magdalene, Altoft.

George and Elizabeth had eight children, according to George in the 1911 census but I can only find registrations for five and only 4 were alive in 1911. There are baptisms for four, Alice  at the Wesleyan Chapel in Normanton Spring and John, Ethel and Lizzie at the new church of Handworth Woodhouse.

Name Year of Birth Where registered Year of Death
Alice Ann
29 July 1891
Baptised 26 Jan 1892
Sheffield 9c/641
John Henry Dec 1893
Baptised 14 April 1894
Sheffield 9c/657
Ethel Jun 1896
Baptised 27 May 1896
Sheffield 9c/676.
Lizzie Jun 1900
Baptised 25 July 1900
Sheffield 9c/693 Sep 1900
Buried 30 Sept, Woodhouse Cemetery, Sheffield
George Sep 1902 Sheffield 9c/740

Baptism records for four of the children.

1894 baptism for John Henry FROGGATT at Handworth Woodhouse.

1896 baptism for Ethel FROGGATT at Handworth Woodhouse.

1900 baptism for Lizzie FROGGATT at Handworth Woodhouse.

In the 1891 census George and Elizabeth were living at Normanton Spring. Elizabeth died in mid-1908.

1891 census for George and Elizabeth, living at Normanton Spring. George was a coal miner.

1901 census , still living at Normanton Spring. They now have 3 children.

1911 census, George is a widower, has the 4 children still alive with him. They now lived at 5 Coisley Rd, Woodhouse, Sheffield.

George, as did his brother James, spent time in prison: George was convicted of assaulting a constable, sentenced to 28 days hard labour. The record notes that George was 5 feet 81/2 inches and had brown hair.

1895 prison record for James FROGGATT.

George died in 1953 and was buried at Beighton Cemetery on 29 July 1953.

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Albert FROGGATT (1871-1871?)

Albert was born in Sheffield in 1871 (registered Dec quarter 1871 Sheffield 9c/486). Albert is not listed in the 1881, 1891 or 1901 censuses, so is presumed to have died. However I cannot find a death registration for him.

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William FROGGATT (1874-1895)

William was born in Sheffield in 1874 (Mar quarter Sheffield 9c/573). He is in the 1881 and 1891 census records with Henry and Elizabeth, but not the 1901 census so is presumed to have died. There is a death registration for William in the Dec quarter Sheffield 9c/404, aged 21 which would have been the correct age for William.

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According to the 1881 and 1891 census, Kate was born in Mansfield, Nottingham around 1837. She is listed with Henry and family in the 1881 census as their "adopted daughter". In 1891 she was Kate FROGGATT, daughter". Kate is not obvious in the records after this census. Presumably she married, but where, when and to whom?

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