A Few Days in England - Nov 2007

DAYS 1-10: London

I arrived at Heathrow in the early afternoon, made a quick exit through immigration and walked the considerable distance to the Underground. Stood in the ticket queue for a long time, then realised I had brought enough coins with me to purchase a ticket in the vending machine and I was soon on my way to Leicester Square, the closest stop to the Strand Palace Hotel where I was booked in for a week. It was grey and overcast when I emerged but the short distance to the hotel was a welcome walk. As usual I was surprised that my Internet booking had worked and my room was waiting.  A good bed beckoned after 26 hours on planes.

My plan for the coming week was flexible. I had scheduled meetings for 3-4 days, and annual leave for 1-2.  Eventually the meetings were spread over 5 part-days so my sightseeing filled the gaps. I visited Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park Corner, various parts of the Thames, The Tower, Greenwich and  a long walk along the left bank of the Thames from Westminster Bridge to Shadwell, also known, appropriately, as Paul's Walk - there is a photo further down to prove it!

Rather than split this diary by days, it is based around activities and sights, so read on.....

Buckingham Palace Paul's Walk along the Thames
Hyde Park Corner The Tower
The Thames from the London Eye, and Covent Garden Greenwich

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