The Family of the Reverend Doctor Daniel KEITH

We became interested in the family of Daniel KEITH though the family of his son - Edward Joseph KEITH - from whom many people are descended, either though his legitimate family with Ann Boleyn McPHERSON or his more extensive family in Australia through his parallel relationship with Louisa HANKS. We present here the information and copies of original sources as far we have been able to deduce them. We may have missed a few important facts so please email if you find something not right or you have details that we can add to this story.

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                16 Jul 1787                                        17 Oct 1794
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                1788-1790  1797-1811 1798-1874    1801-1837     1802-1811  1804-1804   1805-?       1807-?    1809-1852
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                  BLACKWOOD          PORTER        MacPHERSON                           HANKS
                 1809-1854          1791-1823      1793-1857                          1801-1837
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Daniel KEITH in Canada

Daniel KEITH married in Quebec in 1787. Just how and why Daniel KEITH was in Quebec is not clear. His burial record in 1811 gives his age at 51 so he would have been born around 1760. There is no evidence that we have found for his birth in Canada, or in Scotland or England. We do not know anything about his parents, but the records of this time are incomplete. He was apparently ordained in Quebec as a Protestant Minister on 4 June 1785 but whether he was born and trained there is not clear. Presumably he did train in Quebec as ordination was usually at the place of training. It may be possible that he trained elsewhere and either completed his ordination in Quebec or was re-ordained to suit the customs of the local church officials. There is a shipping record for a Daniel KEITH arriving in New Brunswick in 1783 in the "Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s" edited by Filby but not enough detail to determine if this is our Daniel KEITH. The timing, however, would be appropriate if he then went straight to Quebec and completed his training and ordination.

The first definite record of Daniel KEITH is his marriage to Mary BURN at the Protestant Church, Trois Rivières, Quebec, Canada (see details below). The town of Trois Rivières (Three Rivers) is just east of Quebec. In the 1780s, Quebec had just become a British possession, having been wrestled off the French in the Battle of Quebec in December 1775.

Wherever Daniel came from, he was known as the Reverend by the time he married Mary BURN on 16 July 1787 at Trois Rivières Protestant Church. A year later on 8 July 1788 Daniel baptised his daughter Catherine Anne at the same church.

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But this family was short-lived. His wife Mary died and was buried on 5 July 1788 at Trois Rivières. The date would suggest she died in childbirth. Two years later their daughter Catherine Anne died and was also buried at Trois Rivières, on 16 December 1790. Daniel, now aged only 30 was a widower.

Marriage to Jane McPHERSON

Daniel married Jane McPHERSON at the Trois Rivières Protestant Church on 17 October 1794. He was a widower aged 34 and she a spinster aged 18. The McPHERSON family plays an important role in the early history of Quebec and more will be available here.

Daniel and Jane had Isabella born in 1797 and Mary born in 1798. Neither child appears to have been baptised at Trois Rivière or in other Protestant churches in Quebec, but could have been baptised elsewhere in Canada (or not at all). There is no direct evidence to hand that shows they were actually born in Canada. However, if the assumption is correct (see below) that their daughter Mary later returned to Canada and married first William Porter and later John Blackwood (see Mary's story below), then she is in the 1901 census for Canada and gives her place of birth as Quebec.

From Canada to Somerset

How and why Daniel transported his family from Quebec all the way to Bristol is unknown. We do not know when they left Quebec, the route they took or where they arrived in England.

The first record we have of Rev. Daniel KEITH outside Canada is in the Land Tax returns for 1799 for Bristol. These taxes were to raise funds for the Crown for the 1799 year, so he would have entered into leases on the properties in 1798 or even earlier. He leased two properties in Lower Church Lane Bristol; a dwelling and a garden. The location lies beside the Church of St Michael Without (i.e. outside the walls of the city). Although Daniel was an ordained Minister, he does not appear to have taken up a position at a local church. He was a Protestant, not Church of England. His Will records he held the  "copyhold" for a manor and houses at Somers (Summers) Hill Bristol. Copyhold was a customary right to occupy land. It was heriditary, so maybe he had family or other connections in the area, although copyhold could be bought and sold. There are records that he was a teacher so may have taken up a teaching position in the area, although this does not explain why he left Canada.

Church Lane today with the Church of St Michael Without

The next record we have is when his first son - Edward Joseph KEITH - was christened on 16 May 1802 at Kelston, a small hamlet part-way between Bristol and Bath. We do not know whether Daniel was now living here or travelled to the church for the baptism. The entry in the Parish Register for Kelston is intriguing. It states "Edward Joseph son of the Rev Daniel & Jane Keith born May 2nd 1801 was christened". Most other entries in this register are for baptisms and do not give the date of birth. The year is overwritten and smudged. It appears the Minister wrote 1802 and then changed this to 1801. Could Edward been born in 1802? Further down the same page in the Register is the entry for Daniel's next child, James George Bowen KEITH. This entry also gives the date of birth, 23 December 1802. If this date is correct then Edward could not have been born six months earlier. Daniel was an ordained Presbyterian Minister so may not have been comfortable in the local Church of England establishment. There would not have been a Protestant or Presbyterian Church in Bristol at the time. It is also noteworthy that in each case the children were almost a year old before they were christened. Christenings or baptisms were usually conducted a few days to a few weeks after birth. On the basis of other entries, I suggest that Edward and James were christened "privately" at home rather than in the local church  but were still recorded in the parish register.

Daniel and Jane went on to have four more children all baptised in Bristol but images of the Parish Registers are not yet online.

Name Birth/Baptism Date of Death/Burial
Isabella b. 1797 location ? bur. 25 Jan 1811 Hammersmith
Mary b. 1798 location ? 10 Mar 1874 Montreal
Edward Joseph b. 2 May 1801 Bristol 29 May 1837 Sydney Australia
James George Bowen b. 23 Dec 1802 Bristol bur. 16 Jan 1811 Hammersmith
Robert b. 22 April 1804 bur 3 May 1804 St George, Bristol
Thomas Davis b. 5 Aug 1805 Bristol ?
Francis Jane bap. 9 Aug 1807 St George, Bristol ?
Jessica Amelia b. 1809 10 Dec 1852, Sydney Australia

Doctor of Divinity and the seminary in London

Daniel was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity at St Andrews University, Scotland on 4 Feb 1809, apparently supported by the petition of the Duke of Kent. The intervention of the Duke is interesting - The Duke, otherwise The Prince Edward was the fourth son of George III, King of Great Britain. He was also the father of Queen Victoria. The Duke spent some of his earlier life in Canada, including around two years in Quebec so almost certainly would have met Daniel Keith and known something of his activities in Quebec (which is more than we do).

At about the same time as the awarding of the degree in 1809, Daniel and Jane's youngest child Jessica Amelia was born. At this time also, Daniel and family moved to London where he ran a seminary on the Lower Mall, Hammersmith. The Lower Mall runs beside the Thames and the poor state of the river at this time may have been the cause for the next tradegy in Daniel's life. The seminary was at No. 10 Lower Mall and this building still exits today. It was built about 1792 and there is more information about the building here. It was originally named the Mansion House but some time between 1800 and 1839 become known as Kent House. In his 1839 "History of the Parish of Hammersmith"( which can be viewed online) Faulkner gave a description of Kent House and commented that it was being run as a seminary. In the British History page there is a comment that the origin of the name of Kent House is not known, but perhaps Daniel Keith gave it this name in honour of his benefactor the Duke of Kent.

Death of Daniel and two children

In the space of a few weeks in January and February 1811 two of Daniel's children died - James George on 16 Jan and Isabella on 26 Jan. Daniel himself died on 15 Feb 1811.

Daniel's Will

Daniel left a Will. This was unusual in 1800 unless the person had significant money and land. We do not know the value of the estate but it would have been over £20 as it attracted Death Duties. Note that the Will is the only original record we have acknowledging that Daniel had been awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

Duty RegisterEntry in Death Duty register
Will1Will of Daniel Keith Page 1
Will2Will Page 2

The Will is difficult to read in places but it leaves his estate to his "dear wife Jane Keith" comprising the "copyhold estate in the Manor of Fulham, Middlesex to which I was admitted by a Court holden on the seventh day of October 1808" also "my copyhold or lifehold estate & houses situate at Somers Hill St Georges near the city of Bristol". He leaves all this in trust "to permit my wife to occupy my house at Hammersmith if she shall think proper and as long as she remains my widow". It also appoints two trustees to manage the estate and to provide for any children that may be alive until they reach the age of twenty-one years and then to transfer the estate to these children within six months of the death or marriage of Jane.

The Will refers to two "Copyhold" estates, one in the Manor of Fulham, Middlesex and the other at Somers Hill (Summers Hill) St George, Bristol. Rights to the former "to which I was granted by a Court holden on 7th October 1808". Copyhold was an ancient form of customary land tenure whereby occupation rights to land owned by the local Lord of the Manor was granted to a person in return for a specified service. In the 1850s this service was converted to a rent. The agreement was entered into the Manor Book or Roll and a copy was provided to the tenant - hence "copy hold". Copyhold passed down through the family as of right and did not need to be specified in a Will or change of agreement with the Lord (as compared to Lifehold which was only for the life of the tenant). Copyholds could be sold by the tenant, usually by the tenant giving the right back to the Lord on the condition that it be transferred to the purchaser.

The Copyhold at Fulham in London was awarded by a Court, suggesting either Daniel contested the succession or bought the right and this sale was contested by the Lord of the Manor. The Bristol copyhold would suggest Daniel received this through a family succession. The right remained in his family as it appears that Jane lived there after Daniel's death where she died in 1824. It is referred to in the addition to the Will in 1843.

This copy of the Will has an interesting addition in the left margin. It is hard to read but it is dated 1843 which was 19 years after Jane had died.
"On the 26th June 1843 xx with the Will xx of the goods chattels and credits of the Rev Daniel Keith formerly of Somars (sic) Hill St Georges in the City of Bristol but late of the Lower Mall Hammersmith within the city of Middlesex Doctor of Divinity deceased left unadministered by Jane Keith widower deceased whilst living the Relict so executing one of the xx of legatees by trust xx legatee during life or Widowhood appointed in the said Will was granted to Jessica Amelia Keith spinster one of the natural and lawful children and as such one of the xx legatees subsituted in he said Will having been first sworn duly to administer the said Executrix died intestate and Adam xx and Hugh Edwards esquires the other xx legatees in trust being dead as by Acts of Law appears."

The outcome of this addition was to appoint Jessica Amelia KEITH as the executrix and trustee to Daniel's Will because Jane and the two named trustees had all died. She may have stayed at Hammersmith.

What became of Daniel's wife - Jane McPHERSON?

When Daniel died in 1811, his wife was aged 35 and she had four or five children aged from 2 to 13 years under her care (Mary, Edward Joseph, Frances Jane and Jessica Amelia). She may also have had Thomas Davis as we do not know when he died. Although Daniel left an estate valued at over £20, Jane may have found life difficult without Daniel's income and without any close family or relations in London. It is unlikely that she continued to run the seminary at Lower Mall, although it does appear to have remained a seminary through to the mid-1800s or later.

It is also possible that Jane took the family back to Quebec to join her family there. A Mrs Keith and family arrived in Quebec from London, noted in the Quebec Gazette No. 2680 on 30 May 1816. If this is Jane then Mary was aged 18, Edward aged 15, Frances aged 9 and Jessica aged 7.

Duty RegisterCard index for Quebec Gazette

The next few years are not clearly identified in the records. At some stage Jane returned to England as she died there on 26 March 1824 with the burial recorded at St Georges, Bristol. Jane may have lived on the copyhold land at St George as mentioned in Daniel's Will. Her daughter Mary with her husband William McNish PORTER also travelled to Bristol, perhaps at the same time, as their daughter Jane PORTER was born in Bristol in 1823. Edward is mentioned in the Quebec Gazette for June 1822 but he and sisters Frances and Jessica could also have returned to England with Jane and Mary.

The Children of Daniel and Jane KEITH

What happened to the eight children of Daniel and Jane?

  • Isabella died in 1811 aged 14.
  • Mary returned to Canada, married twice and had four children. There is more about Mary's family here.
  • Edward Joseph became a lawyer, married Ann McPherson in London in 1825, immediately sailed for Australia where he had four children with Anne and three with his mistress Louisa Hanks. He died in Sydney in 1837.
  • James George Bowen died in 1811 aged 9
  • Robert died a few weeks after birth in 1804
  • Thomas Davis was born in 1805 but disappears from the records. Presumably he died at a young age.
  • Frances Jane Avice (or Jane in some records) was born in 1807 so was 17 when her mother died. She accompanied her brother Edward and his new wife to Australia where she married and died in Adelaide in 1882.
  • Jessica Amelia was born in 1809 and she also accompaned Edward and Frances to Australia in 1825. She died in Melbourne in 1852.

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