The Family of Edward Joseph KEITH and Ann Boleyn MacPHERSON

Edward was not alone in Sydney society in having children with both his wife and his mistress. It would appear that several of his colleagues were in the same situation. Here I cover his family with Ann Boleyn. His other family, with his mistress Louisa HANKS is here.

The family of Edward Joseph and his wife Anne Boleyn

                          ?                    John McPHERSON===v===Mary CAMERON
                          |                                     |
                     Daniel KEITH============v============Jane McPHERSON
                                        m:17 Oct 1794
Isabella     Mary       Edward Joseph   James G.B.     Robert     Thomas D.    Frances J.A. Jessica A.
1797-1811  1798-1874      1801-1837      1802-1811   1804-1804     1805-?       1807-1882   1809-1852
   |           |              |              |           |            ?             |           |
                         m:25 Apr 1825
                    Anne Boleyn MacPHERSON
       Frances Jessica     Ann Clara      Magdelene              Dudley
           1827-1887      1829-1863      1832-1833             1834-1868
              |               ?              |                     |----------------|
       m:31 May 1851                                            m1:1860        m2:23 Dec 1864
        John HANSON                                          Mary Ann COOK  Harriet Augusta RUSSELL
              |                                        |-----------|                |
  Sarah Ann Clara HANSON                             Mary E     Edward J.       Clara Amelia
           1852-?                                    1861      1863-1863        1866-1950
              |----------|-------------|               |           |                |
             m1:      m2:1884       m3:1892                                       m:1889
            ?BELL  William NORRIS Edward NICE                                  Thomas MILROY
              |          ?             ?                                  |---------|
       Edward Edgar                                                 Henry Keith Dorothy Vera
          1873-1951 1890-?                                            1890-1910  1895-?
          Amy FORSTER

Edward and Anne married in London on 5 April 1825, sailed from Plymouth on 25 April 1825 and arrived in Sydney in November 1825. They had four children born in Sydney:

Name Born Died
Frances Jessica bap. 28 June 1827 18 Sep 1887
Ann Clara 20 May 1829  
Magdelene 22 November 1832 1833
Dudley 23 May 1834 17 July 1868

After Edward died in 1837, Anne and her three surviving children were left alone in Sydney with Edward's two young sisters Frances and Jessica. Presumably Anne waited in Sydney until probate had been issued by the court and then returned to London. In the 1841 census Ann, Frances, Ann and Dudley are back in London living at Camden St, Islington. They are accompanied by Jessica Keith, Edward's sister. Ann was working as a school mistress. The 1841 census did not record the place of birth, only whether the person was born in the county. Note that Jessica was born in Middlesex confirming she was Edward's sister.

1841 census

By 1851 Ann had moved to Chapel St, Clerkenwell. She was aged 58 and was now an "Annuitant".  Note the important fact that she was born in "Canada British Subject". With her was daughter Frances, aged 20, a dressmaker, born "Australia - ditto" (i.e. British Subject).

1851 census

Death of Anne

Ann died at 7 Albert Square, Holloway Road, in Islington on 14 November 1857. She was aged 64 and the widow of Edward Keith, Barrister. The informant at death was her daughter Frances HANSON, who was also living at the same address:

Ann death certificate

The Children of Edward and Ann KEITH

Frances Jessica KEITH

Frances Jessica was the first child of Edward and Anne, born June 1827 in Sydney. She was baptised at St James Church Sydney on 28 June 1827. Frances travelled to London with her mother Ann after her father died in 1837 and is with her in the 1841 and 1851 censuses.

She married John HANSON on 31 May 1851 at Holy Trinity Church, Islington, London.Although the marriage record shows them both of "full age" (i.e. over 21) Frances would have been 24 but John was 49.

marriage certificate Marriage of John HANSON and Frances Jessica KEITH, 31 May 1851

John and Frances appear to have had only one child, Sarah Ann Clara HANSON born 19 June 1852 and baptised just before her sixth birthday on 6 June 1858.

Sarah baptism Baptism for Sarah Ann Clara HANSON at St Mary Magdelene, Holloway Rd, Islington, June 6 1858

Frances and daughter Sarah are in the 1861 census, living at 6 Albert Square. I have not found John, but I presume he was still alive as Frances is listed as married:

1861 census 1861 census for Frances and Sarah Ann HANSON

John HANSON died on 25 November 1864 at 6 Albert Square, Islington. He was aged 62, so was born in 1802. He left a Will and probate was granted to his wife Frances.

1864 probate 1864 probate for John HANSON

I have not found Frances in the 1871 census but daughter Sarah is working as a servant at 3a Heliford St, St Mary Islington.

1861 census 1871 census for Sarah Ann HANSON

In 1881 Frances is living with daughter Clara (Sarah Ann) at 1b Little Essex St, Shoreditch, Hackney. With them is Clara's son Edward. Frances is now listed as a widow, so John had died. Although Clara is shown as married and Edward's surname is BELL, Edward was actually registered as Edward Edgar Keith HANSON.

1881 census 1881 census for Frances and Sarah Ann HANSON

Death of Frances Jessica

Frances died on 18 September 1887 at Bishop's Stortford (presumably this is the correct person). She left a Will (perhaps learning from the problems caused when her father died intestate in Sydney in 1837). Probate was granted on 26 October 1887 to Ezra Harle, a surgeon from Hackney. The estate was valued at £85/7/6.

probate 1887 probate index for Frances HANSON

Family of Sarah Ann Clara Hanson

Sarah (sometines known as Clara) was born 19 June 1852. She had a son, Edward Edgar Keith HANSON born at 64 Westbourne Road, Islington on 4 December 1872. A father is not recorded, but the 1881 census would suggest his father was named BELL.

Edward birth certificate Birth certificate for Edward Edgar Keith HANSON

1881 census 1881 census for Clara (HANSON) and her son Edward

Sarah/Clara Hanson/Bell is not obvious in the 1891 census. It appears she married William Herbert NORRIS in Holborn in 1884, the record is under Sarah Ann C BELL. Apparently William NORRIS died, for she next married Edward Henry NICE in the December quarter 1892 in Islington under the surname NORRIS. She is in the 1901 census as Sarah NICE living at 2 Palmer Place, Islington, London. Have we got the right Sarah Ann C? Apparently so, if you refer to the 1911 census below.

Son Edward Edgar BELL married Amy FORSTER in the Dec quarter 1900 at Islington. They are in the 1901 census living at 8 Chalfont (?) Rd, Islington:

1901 census 1901 census for Sarah BEL (HANSON)
1901 census 1901 census for Edward BELL

Edward and Amy do not appear to have had any children. Amy died in 1906 explaining why Edward was a widower aged 38 in the 1911 census living with his mother and step-father at 50 Woodlands Park Rd, Tottenham.

1901 census 1901 census for Edward BELL

Sarah Ann Clara died 1931 in Edmonton, Middlesex. Her husband Edward NICE died 1925 in Edmonton.

Edward her son died 1951 in Edmonton.

Ann Clara KEITH

Ann was born in Sydney on 20 May 1829. She returned to England with her mother as she is in the 1841 census, aged 12. She is not in the 1851 census. Apparently she travelled back to Australia with her aunt Jessica under the name of Clara, arriving in Melbourne on 28 October 1850. The immigration record gives her place of birth as Sydney and that of Jessie as Hammersmith.

1901 census 1850 immigration records for Clara (Ann) and Jessie KEITH arriving in Melbourne.

It appears that Clara died in Melbourne on 22 June 1863. The only detail on her death record is her place of birth being Sydney.

Dudley KEITH

Dudley was born in Sydney on 23 May 1834. He accompanied his mother and sisters back to England, and is in the 1841 census in London, aged 7.

There are no other records of him in England. Dudley returned to Australia as he married Mary Ann COOK in Goulburn NSW in 1860. They had two children Mary and Edward.

Mary Ann died in 1864. Dudley married Harriet Augusta RUSSELL on 23 December 1864 in Sydney. They had one child, Clara Amelia who was baptied at Cleveland Street St Paul on 31 December 1865.

1865 baptism for Clara Amelia KEITH.

                          ?                   John McPHERSON===v===Mary CAMERON
                          |                                    |
                     Daniel KEITH============v============Jane McPHERSON
                                        m:17 Oct 1794
Isabella     Mary       Edward Joseph    James G.B.   Robert       Thomas D.   Frances J.A. Jessica A.
1797-1811  1798-1874      1801-1837      1802-1811   1804-1804      1805-?       1807-?     1809-1852
   |           |              |              |           |            ?             |           |
                         m:25 Apr 1825
                     Ann Boleyn MacPHERSON
           Frances       Jessica Ann      Magdelene             Dudley
          1827-1887         1829-?       1832-1833             1834-1868
              |               ?              |    |----------------|
                                               m1:1860       m2:23 Dec 1864
                                            Mary Ann COOK Harriet Augusta RUSSELL
                                              1839-1864       1834-1912
                                      |-----------|                |
                                 Mary Ellen Edward Joseph     Clara Amelia
                                   1861-?     1863-1863        1865-1950
                                      |                            |
                                                              Thomas MILROY
                                                 Henry Keith Dorothy Vera
                                                  1890-1910    1895-1981
                                                      |            |

Dudley died in Sydney on 17 July 1868, as recorded in the Sydney Morning Herald. He is buried at Rookwood Cemetery.

Sydney Morning Herald 17 July 1868

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