A Few Days in England - Nov 2007

DAY 16: Eypres and the South Coast Walk

The Coastal Walk

I departed the Weymouth Travel Inn on a fine but cold morning. There were traces of frost around, and the car windscreen was iced over. After that small problem I headed west again on the road through Abbotsbury and eventually arrived at West Bay, at the mouth of the Brit River, and on the coast side of Bridport. I crossed the Brit River on a small bridge and drove along the shorefront promenade. At the end I parked and started walking. From here the coastal track climbs steeply up and over West Cliff before descending again to Lower Eype and Eype's Mouth where there is a small camping ground. The track then climbs again over the "Monarch's Way" to the highest point on this section of the coast - hill known as Thorncombe Beacon. The track then continues on for some distance down to Seatown. I chose to return to West Bay and the car. Although the day was wonderfully fine, the air was cold and there were patches of frost remaining in the hollows and in the shade of the gorse bushes.

On a fine day, this is a glorious walk. The views are amazing along the cost from Portland in the southeast to Lyme Regis and beyond to the west. It is well worth the effort.

Driving west the early sun highlights Chesil Beach and the long gravel ridge
The the east the road heads towards Lyme Regis
The coast to the west
The view inland to Bridport
On top of the cliffs west of West Bay
Coming down the track to Eype's Mouth
On the gravel beach at Eype's Mouth
Beginning to climb again - steeply - to Thorncombe Beacon at the top....
yes, there really is a beacon at the top!
The view west to Portland...
...and east to Lyme Regis
>Walking along the beach back to the car - west view.
east view...
...and the final part of the beach.
became populated with people and dogs

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