A Few Days in England - Nov 2007

DAY 15: Portland Bill, Weymouth and Chesil Beach

Portland Bill

I drove southwest from Southsea on the Sunday morning and headed for Weymouth. From there I drove up onto  the Portland Headland and intended stopping at the lookout that faces northwest back along the coast. As I neared the lookout I realised that the road was completely blocked by dozens of parked cars. There was a large group of people moving up to the top of the hill, despite the very cold, blustery winds. Of course - it was nearly 11am on the 11 November and the hilltop was the location of the local war memorial. So I headed further south to the far end - the Bill of Portland and the lighthouse.

The view from the lookout after the crowds had gone
Typical limestone coastline
Looking back to the mainland. The white limestone cliffs lie east of Weymouth
The road to the lighthouse
<>At the Bill of Portland
Looking back along the coast to fishermen and quarry cranes.
The lighthouse buildings
The view from on top of "The Pulpit" a prominent rock jutting into the English Channel 
Back near the lookout and the houses nestled into the valley
The coast to the north - Chesil Beach....
...and the reverse view back to Portland
Chesil Beach is made up of large pebbles.
The beach here is a ridge about 10 metres high. It shelves steeply into the sea...
...and is a favourite fishing spot.
Behind the ridge is a small lagoon

The Coast Beyond Weymouth & Hardy's Tower

From Portland and Chesil Beach, the B3157 winds north through small villages - Abbotsbury, Swyre and Burton Bradstock. I then retraced this route, turning inland at Abbotsbury up the steep Portesham Hill to the top where I found Hardy's Tower. This location has a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside, but it is the Tower that attracted me. Following the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson was commemorated with a tall column in central London. The Commander of his flagship, the HMS Victory was Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy. He is remembered with a tower on this isolated hill.

Looking south across Chesil Beach to Portland
The narrow street of Abbotsbury
The sign at Hardy's Monument
Approaching the monument along the country lane.
Hardy's Tower
The tower is open to the public in the summer
The stone plaque over the door...
and its translation, on the door. 
Description of the view....
and the view to the northwest,...
...the north
and the northeast.

Weymouth Beach

Back at Weymouth in the late afternoon light, the beach attracted a few people, but even the seagulls had foresaken the cold sand.

The west end of Weymouth Beach
Looking along the beach
and the pier..
Panorama of Weymouth beach.

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