A Few Days in England - Nov 2007

DAY 17: Bath

A Visit to Bath

I approached Bath with some trepidation. We had attempted to visit this place back in 2003, but we had chosen a fine Saturday in mid-September and so had about 2million other people. This time it was a Tuesday in mid-November. I found a car park by the railway station and walked the short distance to the centre of town and the bath house. The weather was grey and cool with occasional showers and this did not encourage me to walk too much further. So the photos are only of the bathhouse:

The cathedral at Bath, across the square from the Bathhouse
The grand entrance to the bathhouse
The main bath inside
The bath with the cathedral in the background
One of many carved images
Roman mosaic tile floor
Roman statue of a lady's head
Roman statue
The baths from water level
The baths
Original roman under floor heating
Roman bath converted into a coin collector

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