Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 24

Würzburg, Germany


We went through a lot of locks overnight. There was now more river traffic including barges and a tanker. We stopped on the riverside for several hours before sailing into Wurzburg. Würzburg is dominated by the castle overlooking the city, and the Main River that runs through the centre. Most of the city was destroyed by bombing in March 1945 but the more important buildings have been rebuilt. We had an early lunch then we took a short coach trip into Würzburg. The main attraction was the UNESCO-listed Residenz Palace, then we walked through the old town, past several churches and cathedrals to the bridge which is used as an outdoor pub. From there it was a short walk alongside the river back to our ship. When we arrived the weather was overcast with mist and the threat of rain, but this slowly lifted during the morning.

Early morning in the mist near Würzburg, Germany

The early morning was misty as we passed more river traffic, vineyards and the outskirts of Würzburg. We moored below the old bridge were we could see the castle and cathedral on the hilltops.

Early morning river traffic.
Entering Würzburg in the mist.

The Residence Palace, Würzburg, Germany

This was yet another opulent "prince-bishop" palace, built by the Schonborn brothers in 1720 but completed in 1744. It is considerded to be an outstanding example of the Baroque style of architecture and design. Two wings were destroyed by bombing in March 1945 but the central area of the building was largely intact. The whole site was preserved by an American art historian (2LT John Davis Skilton - see "The Monument Men"). The building has now largely been rebuilt.

Our guide in Würzburg
The courtyard in front of the Residence.
The main entrace and the section that was not destroyed by bombing in March 1945.
Our first glimpse of the grand staircase. The foyer in front of the stairs was designed so coaches (horsedrawn) could enter the main doors and deposit guests at the stiarcase.
Skilton's design for a temporary roof over the main vault.
Model of his roof structure.
The fresco over the main staircase. It is the largest in Europe.
Various scences from the fresco - it was explained to us in some detail.
Ceiling detail in the corridor
One of many heater designs in the Residence. Each held a fire fed by staff from behind the wall.
There were many chandeliers of Murano glass.
Painting design with cherubs drawing back the curtains to uncover the scene of the behind.
3-D inlaid designs.
Candlesticks recovered from the fire damage.

The Residence Gardens

Sights in Würzburg

Look at that for an Internet domain name! 27 characters. It's a sailing school.

Evening entertainment

This evening after dinner we were entertained by a virtuoso violinist.

A snippet of video of the violinist

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