Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 25

Wertheim to Miltenberg, Germany


We departed the ship around 0845 to walk to the coaches from our dock at Wertheim. Several tours today: wine tasting, schnapps tasting, a castle to meet the aristocrats and a farm tour. We did the farm tour and the aristocrats, then we all visited Miltenberg. On the coaches we passed quarries into the local red sandstone and several glass factories. We had some free time in Miltenberg then walked back to the ship at 1330 for lunch. At 1530 a local glassblower was on board, Dieter Schrade to demonstrate his glassblowing and to sell us his wares. Later, after dinner we were entertained by a zither player, Tomi Temerson.

Visiting a farm and butcher, Wertheim, Germany

We drove up out of the Main River valley onto a high terrace, passing towns where glass-making dominates. The farm we visited was a small holding run by Barbara and Otto. Otto was a butcher but he and Barbara wanted to be farmers. Only small blocks were available as 100s of years ago locals converted to Lutherism and so farms were split between sons. Otto and Barbara now buy up neighbouring land and lease some. The farm was not economic so they decided to set up their own butchery and specialise in home kill and speciality products. They process wild game shot by locals, especially boars. No advertising, as they sell everything they can produce. On our visit the farm had new calves and foals. They breed heavy working horses for forests and beer wagons. We sat in a small room to sample their breads and meats, tea, coffee and beer.

Visiting Miltenberg Castle, Germany

One tour visited Miltenberg Castle to meet the Baron and Baroness. The Baron had bought the castle a few years earlier, his wife was French and most of the furnishings were hers. It was an eclectic mixture of styles and periods.

Miltenberg, Germany

From the farm we travelled to Miltenberg to explore the old town and look at the architecture.he town is surrounded by high wall. I walked up the steep hill, through a gate in the wall and back through another gate to enter the town at the end of the main street.

"Set aside 30 minutes each day for your worries, and during that time take a nap"

Evening sailing and entertainment, Germany

We reboarded the Scenic jade at Miltenberg and continued north. Late afternoon saw a glassblower peddling his wares. In the evening we were entertained by a zither player.

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Last updated: 30 June 2023