Perth August & December 2018 - Day 8

Perth: Architecture


After the Indian Pacific train had been cancelled, we flew to Perth instead. We had already booked into the quaint Miss Maud's Swedish Hotel so we extended our stay there. The next day we walked around the central area of Perth, looking at the old architecture, the shops and the waterfront.

Central Perth

Miss Maud's Hoel in Perth
Canary cages hanging in a tree?
The old Fire Station
A modern fountain in front of an old church
Workers cottages
The Old Town Hall clock
Shopping mall based on an old English street
View towards the river and the Bell Tower
The glass Bell Tower with bells donated from St Martins in the Fields, London
Succulents in the gardens near the Bell Tower
Fountain feature at the base of the Bell Tower
Love Locks on the Tower.
Swan River cruise boat - we boarded this the next day.

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Last updated: 12/12/2018