Perth August & December 2018 - Day 19

Albany to Margaret River


Albany, on the south coast, to Margaret River, on the west coast of Australia is a surprisingly long way - over 400km if you go via the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. On the way we drove through Denmark and then diverted to see the Valley of the Giants and try the Treetop Walk. The tall tingle trees were impressive and so was the walkway, suspended up to 40m above the ground. The we continued to the cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, the most southwesterly point on Australia. After watching the Indian and Southern Oceans crash into each other we headed north to Margaret River for the night.

Valley of the Giants

We started the day with a good breakfast at the cafe next to the motel - The Store on Frederick. The food and coffee were excellent. We then headed west, through Denmark. I had found reference to giant trees on various travel sites - they sounded intriguing so we decided to visit. The giants are indeed large, being red tingle trees. The walkway is an amazing structure that takes you on a gentle climb up through the tree tops to a height of 40 metres, then back down again in a loop. On you are down on solid ground again a sign invites to you go around the circuit again! Your ticket allows you as many repeat circuits as you can manage.

Morning view from our motel window
Heading to the Valley of the Giants
The start of the treetop walkway
The top, at 40m above ground
Yes! You CAN do it again....

Lookout Tree

Not far from the Valley of the Giants treetop walk is the Lookout Tower built on the top of a giant tree. This was originally one of many forest fire lookouts built in trees but most have been cut down. One has been retained as an example and you can now climb to the top if you feel brave enough! We visited in the late afternoon, there were already people climbing the tree and the wind was blowing the tree around...

The ladder up the tingle tree
But there was already somone up there.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Cape Leeuwin forms the southwest corner of Australia and looks out onto the meeting point of the Indian and Southern Oceans.

Southern Ocean (left) Indian Ocean (right)
Visitor Centre and cafe

Margaret River is a good drive north of cape Leeuwin. We reached the town in the late afternoon and eventually found the hotel, a block back from the main street. However the motel - Vintages Accommodation - was well worth looking for, we had a lovely room and the manager was keen to help us find good places to eat, then gave us discount vouchers for our dinner. As it was a Sunday night some of the restaurants were not open but Morries was open and we had an excellent dinner. This was our last night in Western Australia, the next day we were due at Perth Airport mid-afternoon for our flight back to Auckland.

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