Perth August & December 2018 - Day 18

Esperance to Albany


Esperance was the eastern-most point of our trip. From here we travelled west back along the South Coast Highway, skirting the inland side of the Fitzgerald River National Park. After retracing the Southern Ocean Highway west from Esperance to Ravensthorpe we continued west to Jerrimungup. Here the highway turns south, but we continued west for a while before turning south through Borden. This route took us through Chester Pass Road, over the Stirling Range and on down to Albany. This was an interesting drive but we have few photographs of it.

The beach at Esperance
The beach has a granite shelf that drops off into deep water.
An excellent idea - tie yourself to the rock when fishing, a few places in New Zealand would benefit from this scheme
The climb up to the lookout
Heading south towards the Stirling Range with Albany on the other side .
Some of the architecture in Albany

Albany is a large town built around its port. it has a collection of old buildings sited on a terrace overlooking the bay.These are now mostly pubs and restaurants, most of which were closed on the Sunday evening we were there. However the Six Degrees bar, in the old Royal George Hotel building, was open so we enjoyed good food and live music.

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