Perth August & December 2018 - Day 20

Margaret River and back to Perth Airport


Margaret River is renowned for its wine, food and forests. Arriving on a Sunday and leaving on a Monday meant we missed most of the culinary attractions (they were closed both days) but we did have time to drive around Caves Road to view the tingle and Karri forests. Then it was a rather boring drive up the Busseell Highway back to Perth Airport - and home!

Caves Road

South of Margaret River is an area of limestone that contains many caves. Some of these are shallow and open for the general public to visit, others are managed and can be visited on guided tours only. We were not particularly interested in the caves but the area has a large national park full of karri and tingle trees. Caves Road runs north-south through the forest with stopping points and lookouts. We drove south then north through the forest then continued on to Perth.

I wonder why they named it Caves Road?
Plenty of tingle and Karri trees

And that was the end of our trip to Perth. We had an uneventful drive back to Perth, found the airport (apparently it was not lost after all) and after 5 hours on a plane arrived back in Auckland. After minor delays our Shuttle took us back to Tauranga.

But of course that was not really the end of the adventure. We had missed out on the Indian-Pacific train voyage from Sydney to Perth, and this had been the main reason for the trip in the first place. So read on, we succeeded in taking the train, from Perth to Sydney this time, in early December.

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