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Welcome:- For our 25th wedding anniversary we decided to take an extended holiday in Britain and visit some of the famous sites and places of interest to our family history. We spent 6 weeks overseas and covered a large part of the United Kingdom, as well as a few days in Paris!

That was only the start. We went back again (more than once) and then decided that we really should also attend some of the commemorations for the major military events that had involved our families. So off we went to the Western Front, El Alamein, Cassino. Gallipoli, Greece and Crete.

Photo albums seem a thing of the past, so I have created photo diaries of our travels. Both my photography and my web skills have improved with time.

(Paul Froggatt, August 2023)

Our Overseas Holidays

The Red Centre - Uluru: May 2024

On Safari in the Serengeti, Tanzania: July 2023

Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea. April-May 2023

By train from Darwin to Adelaide: The Ghan. September 2019

Orkney and Shetland Islands, wild islands and puffins, 2019

Indian-Pacific train from Sydney-Perth with the wild flowers of Western Australia 2018

Return to Scotland - including Skye, Inverness and a week on the Caledonian Canal 2017

Pilgrimage to Crete, Greece and Turkey via Seattle 2016

Chasing Polar Bears in Norway 2015

A tour of Italy and the 70th commemoration of the Battle of Cassino 2014

The 70th Anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein and a trip up the Nile - October 2012

Circumnavigation of Mainland Britain - with a few days in the Somme and the Isle of Skye on the way. September 2011

Six weeks in Ireland, Outer Hebrides, Cumbria and Wales - September-October 2009

A Few Days in England - November 2007

Christmas in England 2006

Visit to England June 2005

Italy 2005: 60th Commemoration of the liberation of Trieste

Our trip to Britain 2003

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Last updated: 01 July 2023