The Goodliffe Family of Lambley Lodge, Rutland

James - 4th son of Thomas and Mary Goodliffe

James Goodliffe was born June the 14th 1800 in the family home of Lambley Lodge near Belton in the County of Rutland.

He married Elizabeth Caroline ANDREWS on 9 Oct 1823, in Teigh, Rutland.

                                 |                                   |
                          Thomas GOODLIFFE===========v===========Ann CURTIS
                             1722-1810              1754         1726-1792
 Exton ANDREWS=v=Mary EYRE                       Mary ARNOLD
               |                                     |
  Caroline Elizabeth ANDREWS===========v===========James===========v===========Sarah WATTS==========v=======John TEMPLER
           1803-1842                  1823        1800-1868       1844          1795-1871          1819
                                       |                           |                                |
                                       |                                                            ?
  Thomas   Daniel Exton  Elizabeth    Mary     James     Eliza      William   Arnold         Sarah   Josiah Exton   Alfred
1824-1848   1825-1857   1828-1842  1829-1841 1831-1872 1833-1872   1835-1896 1837-1913     1838-1911   1840-1874 1842-1842
    |           |           |          |         |         |           |         |             |           |         |
              m:1847                                     m:1856      m:1861    m:1883        m:1867      m:1869         
             Caroline                                   Stephen      Joanna   Elizabeth Simpson Stokes   Sarah
              TIDD                                      FREEMAN      HASSAN    BALLAM      GOODLIFFE     DENNIS
            1821-1878                                      |           |         |             |           |---------|
                |                                     8 children       |   (emigrated USA) 5 children   Josiah    Rebecca
                |                                                      |         |                     1870-1872 1872-1891
 |--------|-----|                                             |--------|
John  Caroline Mary                                        William   Arthur
1848-   1851- 1854-1854                                  1864-1946  1866-1913
          |                                                    |        |
        m:1873                                               m:1891   m:1895
       Joseph                                              Florence  Evelyn
      BILLINGS                                             WOOLLEY    MAY
          |                                                   |        |
      9 children                                   |----------|        |--------|----------|
                                               Constance    Dorothy Kathleen  Arthur      Hugh
                                               1893-1964   1898-1899  1897-  1901-1985 1906-1978

James and Elizabeth had 11 children:

Name Born Died
Thomas 2 Sept 1824 1 Nov 1848
Daniel Exton 25 Nov 1825 18 Feb 1857
Elizabeth Caroline 20 Jan 1828 18 Dec 1842
Mary 2 Dec 1829 21 May 1841
James William 2 Aug 1831 4 Feb 1872
Eliza 23 Aug 1833 15 Oct 1872
William 10 Nov 1835 15 Jul 1896
Arnold (emigrated to America) 2 April 1837 9 Jun 1913
Sarah 29 Nov 1838 7 Sep 1911
Josiah Exton 31 Mar 1840 17 Aug 1874
Alfred 27 Aug 1842 9 Sep 1842

1841 Census

In the 1841 census the family was living in Barrowden, Rutland. James' occupation was carrier. The census was taken on 6 June 1841, so their daughter Mary had just died (see Arnold's Memoirs for comment on this:

In the 1841 census, son Thomas is a miller's apprentice to Joseph Smith in High St, Oakham. Daniel Exton was a servant for a Thomas Patchett, Grocer, in High St, Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Deaths of three of the family in 1842

Elizabeth Caroline, James' wife died 15 Sept 1842, a few days after their youngest son Alfred (9 Sept 1842). A short while later their oldest daughter Elizabeth Caroline died on 18 Dec 1842. The three deaths close together suggest some type of epidemic struck the family. The years 1836 to 1842 saw major epidemics of influenza, typhus, typhoid, and cholera sweep through Britain.

Marriage to Sarah TEMPLE/WATTS

James married Sarah TEMPLER on 14 July 1844. The marriage was recorded at Peterborough. Sarah was born in Deene, Northamptonshire around 1795; the daughter of George and Sarah WATTS. She had married John TEMPLER on 23 December 1919 at Deene. She appears to have been widowed before the 1841 census as she was working as a female servant for Thomas Huffington at Welham Lodge, a few miles north of Market Harborough:

1851 Census

In this census James is shown living in Barrowden with new wife Sarah and sons Arnold and Josiah:

Some of the remaining children are found in the 1851 census:

Daniel is not in the 1851 census
James William is not in the 1851 census. He was with the Army in India.
Eliza is living at Rearsby as a cook to John Woodhouse Simpson, barrister at law
William is living with his uncle, Arnold, at Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, working as a shop assistant
Sarah is living with her grandmother, Mary Goodliffe, at Morcott

1861 Census

James and Sarah are living alone in Barrowden aged 62 and 65 respectively. James' occupation is still carrier. They lived a djacent to the Exeter Arms Hotel.

Death of James and Sarah

James died on 20 Jan 1868 and his widow Sarah possibly died later that year in Dec 1871 (Uppingham 7a/179), although Sarah is not found in the 1871 census.

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The Children of James and Elizabeth Caroline GOODLIFFE

Daniel Exton GOODLIFFE

Daniel was born 25 November 1825 at Duddington. By 1841 (aged 16) he was working as a grocer's assistant for Thomas SATCHELL at High St, Stamford:

Daniel married Caroline TIDD in late 1847 (Dec qtr Oakham 15/1255). Caroline was born in 1821 in Oakham.

They had three children:

John Thomas Oakham Sep 1848  
Caroline Felicity Oakham Mar 1851  
Mary Jane Oakham Mar 1854 Died Sep 1854 Oakham 7a/151

In 1851 Daniel is a Publican, living at Cross St, Oakham with wife Caroline and young children Thomas (2) and Caroline (1 month):

Daniel died on 18 February 1857.

In the 1861 census, Caroline is living at Bedehouse Row, Oakham with daughter Caroline:

And in 1871 is living alone as a laundress at Victoria Place. Daughter Caroline Felicity is a servant to William COWDELL, a solicitor in Hinkley, Leicestershire:

Caroline died in Oakham in early 1878 (Mar 1878 Oakham 7a/190).

Caroline Felicity married Joseph BILLINGS in Oakham in 1873 (Jun qtr 7a/578). Joseph was a house painter. They had 9 children:

John Thomas BILLINGS 1874 Stamford, Lincolnshire
Annie Eliza BILLINGS 1876 Hull, Yorkshire
Caroline BILLINGS 1879-1880 Oakham, Rutland
Kate BILLINGS 1881 Oakham, Rutland
Joseph BILLINGS 1883 Oakham, Rutland
Clara BILLINGS 1885 Oakham, Rutland
Herbert BILLINGS 1887 Oakham, Rutland
Arthur BILLINGS 1890 Oakham, Rutland
Nellie BILLINGS 1892 Oakham, Rutland

Joseph BILLINGS died in Oakham in 1900 aged 49.
Caroline BILLINGS died in Oakham in 1939, aged 88.

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James William GOODLIFFE

James William was born 22 August 1831 at Barrowden. He was recorded in the 1841 census with the family but after that seems to disappear. James William joined the army - the Royal Artillery - on 21 March 1851 and served 10 years 15 days before being discharged on 4 April 1861. However, James immediately reenlisted for a term of 11 years. Most of his first term in the Army was spent in India and the second term in Bengal. But James did not serve the full 11 years. On 30 June 1871 he was discharged, medically "unfit for further service", suffering "Phthisis and Pulmonalis contracted in March 1870, the result of climate and exposure in the Service". James was obviously a model soldier. His record states on discharge "His name does not appear in the Regimental Defaulters Book and he has never been tried by Court Martial".

Army record for James William GOODLIFFE

Born: parish of Barrowden, Rutland.
Attested: Westminster 21 March 1851 age:19 8/12.
Age at discharge: 39 1/12 years.
Height: 5 feet 7 inches.
Complexion: sallow.
Eyes: Hazel. Hair: brown turing grey.
Marks upon face: pock pitted.
Intending place of residence: Uppingham Rutlandshire Seaton, Rutland.

James arrived back in England shortly after his discharge as he died in Nottingham on 4 February 1872. He is buried in Nottingham General Cemetery, plot 9428 along with his cousin Josiah James GOODLIFFE and his brother Josiah Exton's DENNIS in-laws. The adjacent plot 9429 contains his brother Josiah Exton, his wife Sarah and his daughter Rebecca.

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Eliza was born 26 August 1833 at Barrowden, the sixth child of James and Elizabeth GOODLIFFE. By the time of the 1851 census she was working as a cook for John Woodhouse SIMPSON, barrister at Rearsby, Leicestershire:

Eliza married William FREEMAN, a shepherd from Seaton, Rutland in 1856 (Sep 1856 Melton Mowbray 7a/351). They had eight children:

John FREEMAN 1857 Ardley, Oxfordshire
William Josiah FREEMAN 1859 Seaton, Rutland
Sarah Jane FREEMAN 1861 Seaton, Rutland
Caroline Elizabeth FREEMAN 1863 Seaton, Rutland
Annie Maud mary FREEMAN 1865 Seaton, Rutland
Dinah FREEMAN 1868 Seaton, Rutland
Rose Ellen FREEMAN 1869 Seaton, Rutland
Eliza M FREEMAN 1871 Seaton, Rutland

1861 Census: Eliza and Stephen were living in Seaton, Rutland:

1871: Eliza is alone with the children at Seaton. On census night, Stephen was working on the farm of Thomas Fowler of Exton, Rutland:

Eliza died on 15 October 1872.

Stephen married Ellen GREASLEY in Billesdon, Leicester in 1874 and went on to have another eight children. Stephen died in Great Bowden in 1889 and Ellen died in Market Harborough in 1913.

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            |                                      |               |                      |
Caroline Elizabeth ANDREWS===========v===========James       Eleanor LOWE======v======Hugh HASSAN    
        1803-1842                  1823        1800-1868         1811-        1833      1812-
                                     |                                         |
                                     |                                         |
                                  William================v================Joanna HASSAN 
                                 1836-1896             m:1861              1836-1925
                     William Edward             Arthur Hassan
                       1864-1946                  1866-1913
                           |                          |
                         m:1891                     m:1895
                       Florence                 Evelyn Frances
                        WOOLLEY                      MAY
                           |                          |
         |-----------------|             |------------|---------------|
  Constance Edith    Dorothy Sybil Kathleen May  Arthur Leslie   Hugh Reginald
     1893-1964         1898-1899      1897-       1901-1985       1906-1978
         |                 |                          |               |
                                                    m:1926          m:1928
                                              Eileen Sara Norton    Dorothy
                                                   WILSON           SMITH
                                                      |               |
                                                  3 children      2 children

William was born in Barrowden on 10 November 1836. At the time of the 1851 census, WIlliam was working as a grocery assistant, living with his Uncle Arnold in Nottingham:

In late 1861 William married Johanna HASSAN (Dec 1861 Stamford 6a/741). Earlier that year, Johanna had been living (or visiting) William's Aunt Sarah, who was married to James Eyre ANDREWS. Johanna was the eldest child of Hugh and Eleanor HASSAN. Hugh was a Master Tailor and had been born in Dublin, Ireland in 1812.

In the 1871 census, the family was at 9 Greyfriars Gate, Nottingham. Living with them was John Freeman, William's nephew.

In 1881 William and Johanna were living at 1 Greyfriars Gate, Nottingham with sons William Edward and Arthur Hassan.

In 1891 the family were still at this address, but Arthur had gone to London, living at 23 Ranelagh Rd Paddington and working as an Hosier's Assistant.

William died in Nottingham 15 July 1896 aged 60.

Johanna lived on at 1 Greyfriars Gate. In the 1901 census she is a widow, accompanied by Mary M Goodliffe (niece, aged 30, daughter of Simpson Stokes Goodliffe), "Lady's Companion".

In 1911 she had moved to Harlech House,10 Peveril Drive, The Park Nottingham, accompanied by two servants, sisters Sarah Jane and Mary Rosina BARFIELD.

There is a description of the house on The Park website.

Harlech House, 10 Peveril Drive

Johanna died in Nottingham on 25 November 1925. She left an estate valued at £4,468/9/1 to William Edward GOODLIFFE and Arthur HASSAN. She is buried with husband William and her brother Rev Edward HASSAN in Nottingham General Cemetery:

William Edward married Florence WOLLEY in Nottingham in mid-1891. They had two daughters:

Constance Edith 1893 10 February 1964
Dorothy Sybil 20 May 1898 3 September 1899

In 1901 they were living at "Ferndene", Hamilton Drive, The Park Nottingham. This was a large house in three sections on the corner of Hamilton and Peveril Drives.

"Ferndene" House in The Park, Nottingham


In 1911 they were at "Clevedon", 64 Burlington Rd Sherwood, Nottingham:

64 Burlington Rd, Nottingham

William Edward died 10 November 1946 and his wife Florence died 26 July 1952. Their daughter remained unmarried and died in Nottingham on 10 February 1964 aged 70.

Arthur Hassan married in London in 1895 to Evelyn Frances MAY then returned to Nottingham becoming a Hosier Outfitter. His shop was on the corner of Clumber and Lincoln St, Nottingham.

Arthur and Evelyn had three children:

Kathleen May 1897  
Arthur Leslie 18 Sept 1891 1985
Hugh Reginald 27 August 1906 1978

In the 1901 census they were living at 42 Addison St, and in 1911 at "Rosedene", Mecklenburgh Rd, Nottingham:

Arthur died at 17 Mecklenburgh Rd on 6 August 1913, leaving an estate of £9,797/17/6.

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Arnold's brief description of his life in America can be read here.


Sarah was born in Barrowden on 29 November 1838. In the 1841 census she is with her parents in Barrowden. In the 1851 census she is living with or visiting her grandmother Mary Goodliffe (nee ARNOLD) at Morcott:

In the 1861 census she is living with James and Sarah ANDREWS, at Morcott. She is listed as their niece (See Arnold's Memoirs). A visitor to the house was Joanna HASSAN, who married Sarah's brother William, later in 1861.

Sarah married her first cousin Simpson Stokes GOODLIFFE in late 1867 and then lived at Lambley Lodge. They had 5 children.

More information about Simpson and family is here


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Josiah Exton GOODLIFFE

Josiah was born in Barrowen on 31 March 1840. He is in the 1841 and 1851 censuses living with his parents. In 1861 is living at 55 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, boarding with Henry A. Morley, Banker's Clerk. Josiah's relationship to the Head of Family is "guardian", and his occupation is Grocer. (Note that Pickering Goodliffe, Josiah's cousin, was living at 51 Bridlesmith Gate).

Josiah married Sarah Helen DENNIS on 15 June 1869 at All Saints Church, Nottingham. Josiah was aged 29 and Sarah only 19.

in 1871 Josiah and Sarah were living at 34 Glasshouse St, Nottingham, Josiah is a Grocer employing 5 men and 5 boys. Also living with them was his nephew William I. FREEMAN (aged 12).

Josiah died in Nottingham on 17 August 1874. Sarah was aged only 24. The couple had two children: Josiah James (1870-1872) and Rebecca May (1872-1891).

Sarah Helen lived on in Nottingham. She is in the 1901 census living with her nephew Albert Hawksley, a solicitors Clerk:

In 1901 she is living at 16 Addison Road, Nottingham.

Sarah died in Nottingham in mid 1929, aged 79.

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