Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 36

York, UK


When we visited York for Christmas in 2006 two of the museums we most wanted to visit had closed a few days prior. So this time we made sure the National Railway Museum and the Jorvik Viking Museum were open AND we had booked tickets in advance. The day started warm with bright sunshine so we walked along the top of the city wall to get to the Railway Museum. This is a wonderful collection of trains. Then on to the Viking Museum, which is an amazing experience. Then it rained - heavily - so we stopped at a cafe for a cup of tea. No it was not the world-famous Betty's Tearooms; we had looked in on this one yesterday but the queue was out the door and around the corner.

The National Railway Museum, York

This museum is not just for real train spotters, it has enough for everybody. Its collection of real trains (and lots of model ones also) includes the world's first (admittedly a replica); the world's fastest steam train; and the world's most famous steam train. They are all housed in one space in a large building.Yes, they were just old trains, well preserved and displayed but the history is fascinating and well worth the time and cost (entry is free!).

Walking the walls of York City.
Looking over the railway station
York Minster in the background.
Heading for the Railway Museum.
Once inside it is full of .... trains!
Train positioned over an inspection pit.
Views from the underside of a steam engine.
Mallard - holds the speed record for a steam train.
Largest steam engine built in the UK - for the Chinese railways.
Scenes from the storage area at the back.

The Shambles in York

From the Railway Museum we took their small Chuchu train into the centre of York. It deposited us near the Minster. From there we walked through York to The Shambles. We had visited the Shambles at Christmas 2010, so it was interesting to see what had changed. The streets were still narrow and overcrowded and the shops were still aimed at tourists.

The train that runs from the Railway Museum.
Setting up the York Eye.
Carriages for the Eye.
Entering The Shambles.
Entrance way to the Jorvik Viking Museum.
Usually has a rainbow of coloured umbrellas but these were for the coronation.
Clifford's Tower - you can climb the tower - for a price!
Jewish Memorial at Clifford's Tower, remembering the massacre of AD1190.
Our pot of tea while we waited for the rain to stop.

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Last updated: 30 June 2023