Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 21

Sailing to Regensberg, Germany


25 April - ANZAC Day for the Kiwis and Ozzies on the ship. A ceremony was arranged for the top deck at 0700 as we sailed north (coincidentally in German waters). Sprigs of rosemary had been placed on our pillows the night before for the Australians but we wore poppies as well. We arrived at Regensburg mid-morning. Lunch was at 1130 for tours at 1300. We were back on the ship by 1630 to set sail again. The sailing required the ship to reverse back down the Danube for several hundred metres before swinging to starbourd to enter the canal. A very low bridge in Regensburg was the issue.

Thurn and Taxis Palace, Regensburg, Germany

There were two walking tours of Regensburg; one through the city centre and the other to the Thurn and Taxis Palace. For the palace tour our guide was Magnus, a German who had learnt English from his children (while they attended an international school in Amsterdam). The Taxis family made their money from running the postal service for the Holy Roman Empire from the mid-15th Century until its demise in 1806. The family then continued the service for the Bavarian empire until 1867. Clearly the monopoly on postal services for so long was a licence to print money as the family is today one of the richest in Germany. The palace in Regensburg was originally a monastery, then converted to a residence and added to in the 19 century. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside the palace.

Early morning views on the Danube
The riverfront at Regensburg
The Scenic Jade won't fit under that bridge! - it didn't.
Regensburg cathedral - under repair.
Outside the Thurn-Taxis Palace
Inside the palace walls
The church attached to the palace.

Walking tour of Regensburg, Germany

Views of Regensburg.

ANZAC Day ceremony. The ship's mast can be lowered for low bridges, so this is how we lowered and raised the flag. Sadly, they did not have a new Zealand flag on board.
The Danube at Regensburg.
Inside the Regensburg Museum.
A "Stumbing Stone". They can be found throughout Europe to mark the loss of local Jewish families
Views of Regensburg as we backed out of the town.

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