Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 20

Salzburg, Austria


Woke up with ship moored at Brandstedt. Early start at 0800 for coach trip into Salzburg. Coach dropped us in the central city for a walking tour, first to places of interest in the Sound of Music. Heavy rain on the bus trip cleared to light rain in Salzburg, but this cleared completely by late morning although the sky remained heavily overcast. After the walking tour we gathered back on the bus at 1315 for a trip into the hills (alive with music of course!) for lunch and concert. During the two hour coach trip back to our ship we crossed the border into Germany at Branau (birthplace of Hitler). Our ship had now moved on to Passau, Germany.

Salzburg, Austria

On arrival the rain still lingered but had stopped by the time we reached the Mirabell Palace. Many of the scenes for the Sound of Music were filmed In the garden.

Drinks and toilet break on the way to Salzburg
We are now in the Alps
Arriving in Salzburg - cold and wet!
Walking to the Mirabell gardens
Mozart was here - in fact it appears that Mozart was everyshere in Salzburg!
And yes, Sound of Music comes a close second to Mozart.

Sound of Music locations - then and now

Entry to the Mirabell Gardens
The "Do-Re-Mi" steps
The tunnel hedge
Sound of Music image of the entrance
Sound of Music on the steps
Sound of Music in the tunnel hedge
The Pegasus Fountain
Gnomes in the garden
The Mirabell Fountain
Sound of Music dancing around the Pegasus Fountain
Sound of Music with the gnomes
Sound of Music by the fountain

More of the Mirabell Gardens

Entry to the Mirabell Gardens
The "Do Re Mi" singers from our cruise following Julie Andrews jumping down the steps...
Pegasus in the fountain
Another gnome

Walking through Salzburg

We exited the Mirabell Gardens onto Makartplatz, adjacent to the Salzburg Theatre and opposite the building where Mozart once resided. You soon realise that Salzburg is still infatuated with Mozart, 250 years later. We then crossed the Salzsach River (with another bridge covered in padlocks) and into Getreidegasse, a narrow street full of shops. Many of the shops are noted for the wrought iron signs that still hang over the doors, indicating the type of shop. We ended at Residenzplatz with its fountain and views. We then had free time to walk back through the old townto meet our guide at the padlock bridge. In Judengasse we visited the Christmas/Easter shop, the woodworker's shop and the Steiff bear shop. Back along Getreidegasse we decided to visit McDonalds for coffee and fries to see how they compared for price (high) and quality (as good as expected).

Mozart lived here.
More padlocks.
The ferry that made New Zealand famous - it's powered by a Hamilton Jet.
Well it was raining...
Wrought iron umbrella so you know what is sold here.
The Golden Arches are everywhere, but this must be the most understated one anywhere.
Yes, the Mozart Museum.
The "Rathaus" - otherwise Town Hall.
The crowds in Getreidegasse
Reputed to be the smallest house in Austria
Not many people wanting horse and carriage rides in this weather.
The famous Christmas and Easter shop
The Woodworker's shop
And the Steiff bear shop.

Lunch with music from the Sound of Music,

We gathered back on the bus at 1315 for the trip up into the hills for lunch and concert. Orchestra and singers did various pieces, mostly from the Sound of Music.

Edelweiss from Sound of Music

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music

More of the hills...


Alp horn

This WASN'T in the Sound of Music

Lonely goat herd

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