Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 18

Bratislava, Slovakia


Early start today as the coach to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, departed at 0800. Travelled along A4 toll road, through border crossing, then crossed the Danube into Bratislavia. Today was Saturday and St George's Day so the city was crowded. The coach then took us back to the Scenic Jade for lunch. After lunch there was a shuttle coach into central Vienna, departed 1415. It dropped us at Schwedenplatz, beside the canal/river. Vienna was very crowded and hot with line lines of people at the ice cream shops, so we walked back to the pickup point for the 1515 return to ship.

Bratislava, Slovakia

We walked through te old town, past the cathedral to the main square and Opera square. As today was St George's Day there were many free activities. This was the 20th anniversary of day with free tram rides, a large barbeque with seating for 130 people and many other activities. Even early in the day the city was becoming crowded. We stopped at a café for Bratislava rolls and coffee. These rolls are like croissants filled with walnut or poppy seeds. Our guide was a local from the city and was keen for us to know that after she had taken us back to the ship she would be doing free guided tours of the main cathedral in Bratislava.

Regional flags at the cruise terminal
Castle near the cruise ship
Unloading e-bikes for the day
Signs of a hungry monster in Vienna?
Look closely - only each second gondola is installed.
Ordinary petrol at €1.64 per litre.
Vienna's rubbish incinerator...
and the glasshouses it heats to grow all of Vienna's vegetables
Heading out of Vienna on the A4 road.
Arriving at the border with Croata. We were required to carry our passports "but nobody EVER asks for them...."
Nearing Bratislava, the capital of Croatia.
Nearing the bridge over the Danube.
The alien spaceship is actually a restaurant.
Our guide took us through here to avoid the crowds...
but we ran straight into knights on horses and ladies swordfighting. Go to bottom of page to see the sword video.
Restaurant Camel...hmmm..?
Mozart lived here...
More of the nobility on horses.
Now what might you expect to emerge from a drain cover...
A workman of course!
The cafe that sells the "BEST Bratislava rolls".
19 types of coffee and a Kakao.
Well, they were good. One sesame and one walnut.
And the coffee was good also. Cappucino at €2.99. That's nearly $6 NZ
Sauvingnon Blanc from NZ at €3.90 per glass. That's $7.50 NZ.
Coffee addicts outside in the hot sun.
Tempting to take the bottom one...
"Fat Louis" burgers in Bratislava.
Heading towards the gate in the city wall.
And through the gate.
Back down into central Bratislava.
"Grandmother's" Restaurant complete with grandmother.
This is a bakery.
City Square full of free activities for children.
On stage dancing.
Like sitting in a picture (window)
Busker on bike.
Opera Square
with Opera House
The trams were free today - St Stephen's Festival.
Setting up for al fresco dining.
Novel displays of dried fruits and spices.
Queueing for fast food - "potato dumplings from the world champions" .
Watching over proceedings.
On our way out of the city, passing the German Embassy...
the space ship...
the Danube...
the border...
one of many wildlife crossings over the motorway
entering Austria again...
in Vienna alongside the rail and Danube
and back to the pier, but this is not our ship.

Beware - women with swords...!

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Last updated: 30 June 2023