Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 17

Budapest to Bratislava, Slovakia and on to Vienna, Austria


A pleasant, quiet day cruising up the Danube to get to Vienna. The river was in flood, running at about 10 kph. The ship does about 20 kph so we were going slowly at about 10 kph. Mid-morning we passed through Bratislava, Slovakia. Lots of cruise ships tied up. Good views of Habsburg Castle and cathedral (where Hapsburg kings were crowned). On towards Vienna. Arrived in Vienna late in the day. Dinner was early so we could get dressed up to visit Liechtenstein Palace for a private concert. Fabulous palace with gold coach. Wonderful concert also.

Cruising to Vienna

The Danube River here is divided into the river and the canal. Stopbanks had lots of small fishing baches, all much the same design. All had a large scoop net on poles that could be lowered into the river. Night fishing with a light?

The Danube in the early morning.
Fishing village on the Danube
Birds nests? - No, Mistletoe!
Bratislava in the distance
The Castle at Bratislava
The fast-flowing Danube at Bratislava
The Danube between Bratislava and Vienna.
Fishing huts on the Danube.
Details of another lock.
Escape ladder and mouring points
The lock gate
Nearing Vienna.

Liechtenstein Palace

After an early dinner we travelled by coach through Vienna to the Liechtenstein Palace to view the gold coach and then be entertained by an orchestra.

Inside the gates to the palace
Approaching the palace
The gold coach
Wall paintings
Wall detail in the concert hall
Stage and ceiling

The Concert Programme

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Last updated: 30 June 2023