The Benton Family of Australia


The oldest document that links the BENTON family of Sydney to the family from Essex in England is the original Indenture Paper for John Laybank BENTON. John was apprenticed to John Hollywell FISHER of Plaistow, Essex on 9th June 1840, for the wage of one shilling per week in the first year.

From the information on this Indenture we have been able to trace his family in the area of Plaistow and West Ham, now part of the East End of London. John and his family were baptised at the local church of All Saints, West Ham. The church is still standing and is undergoing extensive restoration.

Indenture paper
John Laybank Benton's Indenture paper
All Saints Church Plaistow, 2003
All Saints Church Plaistow, c. 1830 

The next we know about John Laybank was his departure for Adelaide on 12 April 1848 on the ship the Forfarshire. He was 10 days short of his 21st birthday and his departure was 7 months after his mother died. He left behind his father, three brothers and a sister.

The story of his family is told here through offical records (census, BDM indices, BDM certificates etc) and what little family history has been passed down by heirlooms and word of mouth.

We start with John Laybank's parents - Benjamin Benton the Grocer and his first wife Elizabeth LAYBANK. Note that the Laybank name is surprisingly rare, there being only FOUR entries in the 1841 census, just ONE in 1901 and NONE in the 1911 census.

You can read on about Benjamin BENTON, or select one of the other family members from the links in the family tree.

                                                                 John BENTON                                             James RUDGE
                                                                     |                                                         |
         Elizabeth LAYBANK============v=======================Benjamin BENTON=============================v================Mary RUDGE
                ?-1847               1818                        1792-1877                               1850            
                                      |                                                                   |
                                      |                                                                   |
    |---------------------------------|-----------|------------|------------------------|                 |-------------------|
 Benjamin John                      James      William    John Laybank         Elizabeth Martha    Abel Benjamin      Ebenezer Frederick                
 1820-1914                        1822-1874  1824-1871     1826-1913                   1828             1854-              1856-
    |                                 |           |           |                         |                 |                   |
    |--- -------|--------|            ?           |           |---------|               |                 ?                   |
  m1:1838    m2:1846   m:1882                   m:1862     m1:1856   m2:1867          m:1850                               m:1882
 Eleanor    Charlotte  Anne                   Harriett      Mary      Sarah           James                                 Sarah
 GWALTER      SHARP    DRAKE                   LOVETT      STENNER   GODRIDGE        WILLIAMS                               WOOD
    |           |        -                        |           |         -               |                                     |

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