The Froggatt Family of Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham
The Goodliffe Family of Lambley Lodge, Belton in Rutland

Welcome:- These are the web pages for the Froggatt family, originally of Brewhouse Yard, but later of Australia and New Zealand. This site includes the family history of the Froggatts from Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham, the Goodliffes from Rutland and Nottingham, the Goldworthys from London and Devon and the Benton, Keith & Moroney families of Australia. There are also the travel diaries for the trips we have made, to Britain, Italy and elsewhere. I hope you find something of interest in this site.

(Paul Froggatt, September 2015)

frog Kapiti Island Webcam - the view from our house

Family History Pages

Our Overseas Holidays

Chasing Polar Bears in Norway
FROGGATT Family History A tour of Italy and the 70th commemoration of the Battle of Cassino
GOODLIFFE Family History, including Arnold Goodliffe's memoir "The Story of My Life" The 70th Anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein and a trip up the Nile - October 2012
The family of George Froggatt from Sheffield Circumnavigation of Mainland Britain - with a few days in the Somme and the Isle of Skye on the way. September 2011
The Goodliffe Family of Battersea Six weeks in Ireland, Outer Hebrides, Cumbria and Wales - September-October 2009
Goldsworthy, Hutchison & Abercrombie Family History A Few Days in England - November 2007
Benton, Keith & Moroney Family History Christmas in England 2006
Search my Surname Database Visit to England June 2005
  Italy 2005: 60th Commemoration of the liberation of Trieste
  Our trip to Britain 2003

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