On Safari in the Serengeti
July 2023: Day 7

Driving around southern Serengeti


Today we planned to drive further from the camp and into the western/southern Serengeti area. We did not expect to see many new animals, but maybe new sightings of lions, elephants and zebras. We did indeed see many of these animals, along with many different types of antelopes and gizelles, baboons and plenty of birds.

Panorama from our camp in the early morning.

Go west...

Antelope or Topi near the camp - known as "blue jeans"
Giraffes near the camp
How does he avoid those long spikes on the branches?
Watching the watchers...
... watching the hippos
and the crocodile.
This is a "sausage tree"
And yes, it has sausages on it!
Dry grassland
recently burnt grass.
Burnt grass near the ecology station
One of many kopjes.
This kopje has an inhabitant...
a lion with a cub, sound asleep in the sun.
Leopard - hard to see in the shadows
Male lion - not hard to see under the tree!
Sound asleep, only a few twitches...
Typical acacia trees
The mark of the snake...
More hippos...
Dust devil in the late afternoon.
"My, what big teeth you have..." Watch for the yawn at about 10 sec mark.
Maybe this is why you don't walk over the bridges...

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Last updated: 10 August 2023