On Safari in the Serengeti
July 2023: Day 6

Driving around central Serengeti


We were woken at 7am by a smiling person bearing a tray of tea. A welcome start that we had each morning. After breakfast we headed out at 8am to find new animals in central Serengeti (well... that was the plan but it was 8.20 in reality). More dusty, bumpy roads but Richard knew the area well (he had once worked as a hot-air balloon chaser), so the surprises kept coming. We circled back to the Serengeti Information Centre as a convenient place for lunch before more dust and wildlife.

The Nykani Camp

Nykani Tented Camp is in a remote location in the central Serengeti, built on elevated south-facing slope.

Nykani camp from the air. Dining tent and lounge in centre, kitchen and staff accommodation behind. Tents 1 to 9 on left, 10 to 13 on right. We started in tent 7 then moved to tent 4.
View to the south-east from our tent
View to the south-west
Tent 4 in the early morning sun
Wake-up time!
Tent 7 for our first night
Tent 4 for the rest of our time.
The washroom
The dining tent
The lounge tent with good wifi access.
No, I'm not snoozing...
From the lounge at night.
The camp fire

Early morning animal parade

As we were leaving for breakfast we noticed movement below our tent. Out of the bushes wandered a long line of gazelles, followed by zebras, a reminder we were the strangers in this ancient landscape.

Early morning animal parade in front of our tent.

Sights in central Serengeti

Secretary bird
Early morning office work. Secretary bird dressed in black and white appears to be typing...
Where the balloon ended up..
"do not stop on bridge" - maybe the crocodiles are hungry
Guinea fowls
Acacia trees - typical of the Serengeti
Kopjes - rock outcrops that often housed lions
What they looking at??
More watchers...
Ahhh! Elephants
The elephants.
Banded mongooses
Thompson's Gazelles
Baboons in a tree.
They look like birds sitting on nests
Boboons in trees.
Leopard in the grass
The giraffe.
Vehicles lined up at the Visitor's Centre
Candelabra tree at the Visitor's Centre
Short walk at the Centre
Lunch tables
Packaged lunch from the camp
Moer elephants in the afternoon.
More baboons - they don't have any road sense...
And back to camp at sunset.
Another elephant.

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Last updated: 10 August 2023