Polar Bear Hunt 2015 - Day 24

Copenhagen to Cologne

Our last day in mainland Europe. We were booked on the train from Copenhagen to Cologne with a transfer at Hamburg. We then planned a short time in Cologne to view the cathedral and the bridge over the River Rhine. But not all went to plan.

The train to Cologne

The train was scheduled to depart Copenhagen at 7.43 am from platform 5. We arrived just after 7.20am and went to check the platform on the big electronic signs. Our train was not listed. Odd we thought. At that moment a railways official came up and asked if we were looking for the 0743 train to Hamburg. Yes, well then you have missed it! It went 30 minutes early! Now we had heard of German efficiency and punctuality, but EARLY...!!. Apparently urgent work on a rail bridge caused the train to take a longer route. Rather than arrive late, it left early. Now what?

"we did try to contact you". Really!! But not by email or text message. "Come this way. Wait here". We did. A taxi arrived. "This taxi will take you to the border. Good bye and good luck..." To the Border? Sounds like we were being run out of town. Off we went in the taxi and 40 minutes later arrived at the border. Cost the railways over €300.

The border turned out to be the last station in Denmark - Rødby Færge - and we had 20 minutes to wait for our train - yes the same train that lefy us behind in Copenhagen. The train turned up, we found our seats and settled in. The train went through the border and straight into a large ferry, which is why it could not be late at this end. The ferry steamed off across the straits and we were soon back onboard the train for the trip to Cologne with a change at Hamburg.

The last station at the border.
Where we finally caught up with our train.
A few minutes later and we were on the ferry.
It is a busy waterway.
Approaching Germany and all the wind power.
Finally, we arrived at Cologne.
And there was the "black cathedral".
Roman ruins in Cologne - the side portal built in 50BC..
The front of the cathedral.
Over the main doors.
Inside the Cologne Cathedral.
Main organ.
Another organ.
The Hohenzollern Bridge over the River Rhine.
Padlocks have invaded this bridge too...
The Rhine.
Looking back at the Cathedral.
German buskers.
Eau de Cologne - of course, it originated in Cologne.
Town Hall.
And a final drink in Europe.

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