Polar Bear Hunt 2015 - Day 20

Oslo to Stockholm by train

We left Oslo for the last time and walked across to the train station, had breakfast (again) at the coffee shop and found the 7.32am train for Stockholm. This was a fast train which travelled across low rolling countryside, mostly through farmland. The view was not spectacular and the speed made photography difficult. We arrived in Stockholm at 1.20pm and walked the few blocks to our hotel - Freys Hotel in Bryggargatan. This was a nice place, a little quaint and older-styled, matched by the teddy-bear (for sale of course) on the bed. After a nice cup of tea we walked down the main shopping mall (Drottninggatan) and along the edge of the water to find the tourist boats. Here we tool the Stromma "Under The Bridges Boat Tour". It was just as well. The clouds that had been gathering turned into rain just after we set sail, so we were able to shelter on the boat while watching the view. The cruise took us all around Stockholm and gave us a good view of the acrhitecture and layout of the city. Then it was back to the hotel for dinner.

Our room in Freys Hotel.
Complete with teddy bear.
On board the tour boat, sheltering from the rain.
National Museum.
One of many bridges.
The Maritime Museum, complete with the old warship - the Vasa.
Floating lighthouse.
Amusement rides.
But the screams would suggest the riders were not amused.
Cruise ships galore.
White swans - I suppose it would never have occured to Europeans that swans could be black...
All that remains of the original beer brewing factory.
If this ferry stop is "Bad", I wonder what "Good" looks like?
Little boxes on the hillside - the local allotment gardens.

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