Polar Bear Hunt 2015 - Day 19

Bergen back to Oslo by train

After a nice breakfast at the Terminus Hotel, we walked through the almost deserted streets back to the centre of Bergen to find the funicular railway. This cable car takes you to the top of the hill to the Fløien Mountain Viewpoint overlooking Bergen and provides a superb view of the city and the fjord. We walked back through the city, passing the fish market and the lake (Lille Lungegårdsvannet) to our hotel, collected our bags then walked across the road to the station to catch the 11.58am train back to Oslo. The section of the train journey from Voss to Myrdal was new, but the rest of the trip was familiar. We arrived back in Oslo in the evening and were soon back in our hotel for the third (and last) visit.

The architecture in Bergen is unusual.
We walked down here...
passing the mural..
The Leprosy Museum and
the art supply shop.
More architecture
And then the Fløibanen - funicular or cable car. No crowds - yet.
Going up?.
Bergen from the top.
Cruise ships in port.
A few tourists out early...
with the inevitable selfie-sticks!
Bergen from the hill.
Cable car arriving - tme to take the ride back down.
An hour later and the crowds have arrived!
Walking through the fish market.
Grinegutten - The Crying Boy. Statue in Bygarten on the shore of Lille Lungegårdsvannet
The fountain in the lake. The Fløien Lookout is on the skyline behind.
Birds waiting to be fed.
The crows looked grumpy...
Plenty of food here.
The local pre-school on an outing.
Along the edge of the lake.
Church spire.
Statue of Christian Michelsen beside the lake. First Prime Minister of independent Norway from 1905-1907.
The man in gold is everywhere - Bergen, Paris, even York.
The Terminus Hotel near the train station.
The bar and whisky cupboard inside the Terminus.
Crowds surge forward to board the train to Oslo.
The last view of the fjord before the train climbs into the mountains.
Meltwater has swollen the rivers.
The station at Urdland, a typical railway building.
Remote holiday homes - no roads, only cycleways or cross-country skiing.
Back to Myrdal - but where are all the people now?
The line down to Flåm
Back to the snow and ice.
More remote cabins.
No people, but plenty of transport.
Rocky outcrops...
and more waterfalls.
Even the trains have holiday homes up here...
Dropping back down towards Oslo and the climate appears better.
And the cabins are larger.
Maybe it gets cold here in winter?
More logs for the fire.
And finally, more foxgloves.

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Last updated: 9/12/2015