Perth August & December 2018 - Day 3

By road from Nowra to Jenolan Caves


With a day or two in hand before we needed to be back in Sydney we decided to take the rural road from Nowra across to Goulburn, north to Oberon and then southeast to the Jenolan Caves. We had visited the caves many years before on a day trip from Sydney so this time we decided to stay at the historic Caves Hotel. The road from Nowra took us through some almost-pristine gum forests before the trees gave way to farmland. The road from Oberon to Jenolan is more spectacular; zig-zagging down into the deep valley hiding the caves.

Road trip from Nowra to Jenolan Caves

The road south-west of Nowra.
Rural letterboxes - an opportunity for individualism...
Tunnel through the gum trees
After the bush the road passes open farm land..
The rural town of Goulburn
Heading north...
Flooding? Here?
Descending into the Abercrombie River
Climbing out of the Abercrombie River
Near Oberon.
Descending the steep grades into Jenolan.

Jenolan Caves

We arrived at the Caves Hotel by mid-afternoon, amidst some light rain. parking is difficult but the hotel has a small space for unloading bags so after dropping these off I drove back up the hill to the main carpark - just as the heavy rain started. But the ain does not affect you in the hotel and certainly not underground in the caves. After setting into our room I headed across the road to the booking office and purchased tickets for two cave tours, one that afternoon and one for the following morning. There are several cave tours availabe within the Jenolan Caves complex and not all tours are available every day. These two - the Lucas Cave and the Temple of Baal were good choices.

Lucas Cave

Jenolan Caves House.
Inside the road tunnel and entrance to the caves
Entrance to the Lucas Cave.

Caves Hotel accommodation

We stayed the night at the historic Caves Hotel, built in 1897 as a wilderness retreat for the wealthy of Sydney. It is now a registered historic building. We stayed in a "classic room" with Queen bed and ensuite. It was comfortable but a little small and the decor is rather dated, as you would expect. The hotel is showing its age but it is still an experience not to be missed. The grand dingin room retains the style and charm of an earlier era, but the food is much more modern.

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