Orkney & Shetland 2019 - Day 26

St Andrews to Perth and Crieff


This morning we had an appointment with the Archivist at St Andrews University to view various documents relating an an ancester - the Reverend Doctor Daniel KEITH. There is much uncertainty about Daniel so we were hoping these papers might shed some light on who he was. The papers did help but they were not conclusive. After our morning in the library, we had lunch in a cafe across the road fromt he library adn then drove west through Perth and on to Crieff. If our genealogy work is correct Daniel Keith had been born Daniel McKIECH and baptised in 17ss at the small church of Monzie near Crieff. The location is today famous for its whisky distillery where they make the Famous Grouse whisky.

Entrance to Monzie Castle
Perhaps my g-g-g-grandfather worked here...
Rural letterboxes - an opportunity for individualism...
Monzie Kirk
Plenty of bluebells in the fields.
Descending into the Abercrombie River
Monzie Castle

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