Orkney & Shetland 2019 - Day 23

Unst back to Lerwick


After breakfast (without our Hungarian waiter - his day off) we headed south across Unst for the ferry to Yell. Once on Yell we took the minor road around the east of the island to carch a glimpse of the "White Wife" of Yell, the white figurehead salvaged from a wrecked ship. That took longer than expected, so we missed the 1045 ferry, but the next was at 1115 so not long to wait. Again we did not need to pay - our ticket from Toft to Ulsta covered the return sailings. Once back on the Shetland mainland we headed south through Lerwick and on to St Ninian's Island. This small location, beside a sandy bay, is often referred to in the tourist books. Here the sea is deep blue, contrasting with the white sand and dark rocks. After lunch on the beach we visited the island, walking across the wind-swept sandy tombolo to reach the island. Then it was back to Lerwick with time to visit the Textile Museum before joining the queue to board the ferry.

Yell and the The White Wife

On the east coast of Yell stands the white figurehead of a woman clutching a book - once the figurehead of a sailing ship wrecked nearby on the island. The wooden figure rotted away years ago but the location had become so famous a replacement, in fibreglass, was made.

The Baltasound Hotel on a rare fine morning.
The road south on Unst
Nearing the ferry terminal
Lane 1 I think?
Our car lined up.
Here comes the ferry.
Rather obvious sign...
Road south on Yell.
Plenty of signs for such a remote road.
After a wander across the fields, the White Wife appears.
The White Wife
View back around the bay from the White Wife.
The ferry to Mainland.

St Ninian's Island

After driving south to Lerwick we continued south to St Ninian's Island. The island is a small island joined to the mainland by a sandspit in summer. The sand usually washes away in Winter.

The sand tombolo joining the island to the mainland.
View from island back to mainland.
The remains of St Ninian's Chapel
The car park.
A reminder beside the road of where we are.

Shetland Textile Museum

As we had some time available before the ferry to Aberdeen, we visited the textile museum, close to the ferry terminal. It had an interesting collection of materials, yarns and lace asn well as two locals who were spinning and weaving wool.

As we headed back to Lerwick the weather changed again
The Textile Museum
Our cabin on the overnight ferry to Aberdeen. We found it very comfortable.

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