The Goodliffe Family of Lambley Lodge, Rutland

Daniel GOODLIFFE - youngest son of Thomas and Mary Goodliffe

Daniel Goodliffe was born 5 July 1805 at Lambley Lodge, Rutland. He was baptised in the Morcott and Barrowden Baptist Chapel on 1 December 1817.

According to Arnold's memoirs he was closest to his brother Daniel. It was Daniel who was asked to visit Nottingham to work with their older brother William in his shop but as Daniel knew more about the farming business it was Arnold who was sent (and never returned).

Edward ADKIN==v===Mary      Thomas GOODLIFFE====v====Mary ARNOLD    
              |                               m:1791
              |                                 |
             Mary                             Daniel                                    Elizabeth                John Loomes
          1802-1834  m1:1829                 1805-1890                m2:1836          1805-1884           m1:1825  -1834
                        |                                                |                                    |
      |-----------------|                                                |------------|---------------|       |-------|-------|     
Edward Thomas       Mary Ellen                                         Daniel       Martha        Elizabeth  Martha  Louisa  Martha
  1830-1902         1831-1913                                        1837-1853    1838-1864       1846-1846  1826-    1827-   1833- 
    |                   |                                                |            |----------|    |  
 m:1865(USA)          m:1852                                                       m1:1861    m2:1879
    Clara            Richard                                                       William    Phoebe
    ODDIE            JACKSON                                                       LOOMES   STERN/YOUNG 
  1840-1885         1820-1909                                                     1829-1903  1832-1898
      |                 |                                                             |          |   
                        |                                                             |---|
    |---------|---------|--------|------|--------|----------|--------|----------|         |----------|----------|
 Charles   William     Mary   Richard Annie    Carrie    Herbert   Arnold     Edwin    Arthur    Elizabeth   Martha 
1853-1922 1854-1881 1855-1942  1857-  1858-  1860-1940  1862-1943 1864-1936 1865-1927 1862-1882  1863-1958  1864-1864
(To Utah)     |         |        |      |       |           |         |         |         |          |          |  
    |       m:1879                                                                                 m:1885 
 4 wives    Carrie                                                                                 James
             PECK                                                                                  KETTLE
            1855-                                                                                1861-1913 
             |                                                                            |----------| 
                                                                                       Muriel     Arthur 
                                                                                     1886-1915  1889-1974 
                                                                                         |          |
                                                                                               Bethiah Jane  
                                                                                                 (to NZ)
Marriage to Mary ATKIN

Daniel married Mary ATKIN on 4 June 1929 at Billesden. The baptism for their two children at Morcott Baptist Chapel shows Mary as the daughter of Edward ATKIN. Thus the baptism for Mary on 29 October 1906 at Brackley, Northamptonshire is probably the correct person. If so, Mary was born in Ireland around 1802 to Edward and Mary (ADKIN). The parish register makes interesting reading:

Baptism of Mary ADKIN (ATKIN) at Brackley, Northamptonshire.

Marriage for Daniel GOODLIFFE to Mary ATKIN at Billesdon.

The couple lived at Lambley Lodge. According to Arnold Goodliffe's memoirs they had a son (Edward) and a daughter (Mary) before Mary died. This is indeed correct: Edward Thomas GOODLIFFE was born 10 August 1830 and Mary Ellen GOODLIFFE was born 27 October 1831, both at Lambley Lodge. Mary (ATKIN) died at Lambley Lodge and was buried at the Belton parish church on 25 June 1834.

1830 baptism for Edward GOODLIFFE

1831 baptism for Mary GOODLIFFE

1834 burial of Mary GOODLIFFE, wife of Daniel Goodliffe.
Marriage to Elizabeth Alice LOOMES/MELTON

Daniel then married Elizabeth Alice MELTON (a widow) on 11 May 1836 in the church at March, Cambridge.

marriage for Daniel GOODLIFFE to Elizabeth Alice LOOMES/MELTON at March.

They bought a small farm (52 acres) in Barleythorpe. There they had Daniel James in 1837, Martha in 1838 and Elizabeth Alice in 1846.

According to Arnold's memoirs, Daniel and Elizabeth eventually moved to St Ives,

"where for many years they resided near their excellent and loving daughter who married a distant relative – Mr. Loams.  He was again left a widower after living more than 40 years with his last wife.  In his little cottage he enjoyed himself visiting reading and comforting as far as he was able his poor and aged neighbours; he is now with his son-in-law and daughter Jackson, in the commencement of this year 1887 his 82nd year, cheerful and happy ready and waiting for the call to enter the many mansions."

1841 Census: In 1841 Daniel and three children were recorded in Barleythorpe. His older daughter (Mary Ellen) was boarding with John and Elizabeth BARLOW in Church St, Oakham. Elizabeth his new wife was visiting the family of her deceased husband (John MELTON) at Waterden Farm, Norfolk.

1841 census for Daniel GOODLIFFE and family

1841 census for Mary Ellen Goodliffe

1841 census for Elizabeth Goodliffe

1851 Census: By 1851 the family had moved into town to North Gate St, Oakham. According to Arnold Goodliffe's memoirs, Daniel lost all his cattle in two outbreaks of Foot & Mouth disease. He lost confidence in farming and moved to Oakham as Deacon at the Baptist Church at Barrowden and Morcott, although in the 1851 census he is still listed as Occupier of 52 acres, and Elizabeth as a "grazier's wife". However they did live adjacent to John Jenkinson, Baptist Minister, so Arnold's story may well be correct. I cannot find Martha in the 1851 census.

1851 census

1861-1881 Censuses: In 1861 Daniel, Elizabeth and Martha had moved to Cromwell Place St Ives, Cambridgeshire. By 1871 they had moved to the nearby address of 8 The Quadrant, St Ives. By 1881 they had moved in with their son-in-law William LOOMES, who had married their daughter Martha in 1861 but who had died in 1864.

1861 census

1871 census

1881 census

Elizabeth Alice died in St Ives in the June quarter 1884. Daniel later moved to London to live with family and died at 8 Alexandra Rd, West Ham on 14 January 1890. he is buried at the Queens Rd Cemetery, Walthamstow, London, area C03, plot C66. However the plot has been reused, beginning in 1917 when William POSTLE was interred there, followed by three more of his family. There is also a headstone for the Postle family on the plot.

The Children of Daniel and Martha GOODLIFFE

Edward Thomas Goodliffe (1830-1902)

Edward was born at Lambley Lodge, Belton on 10 August 1830. He grew up on the family farm. In the 1851 census he was aged 20 and was boarding with the Baptist Minister (Joseph Winks) at 39 Rutland St, Leicester. His occupation was Apprentice (but we do not know what in).

Some time between 1851 and 1861 Edward emigrated to New York. He does not appear in the Ellis Island immigration records so it is not clear how he arrived there.

But arrive there he did and on his 35th birthday (10 August 1865) he married Clara Forsythe ODDIE at Holy Trinity Church, Brooklyn, New York. Clara was the youngest daughter of Walter Mason ODDIE and Julia Austin MEIGS and had been born in New York in 1841. Her father Walter was an artist who later became well renowned for his early landscape scenes of the rural northeast.

"The Approaching of Evening" oil on canvas by Walter ODDIE, 1853.

It is not clear exactly what Edward did after he arrived in New York. At various times was listed as a clerk, a real estate agent, a banker and a stock broker. Just after he had married Clara, Edward went into partnership with T.D. (Theodore Denton) MEIGS, Clara's uncle. At the same time, Clara's brothers also went into partnership as stockbrokers.

New York Times 6 October 1865

In the 1865 census, just after he had married Clara, he was a broker, as he was in 1880.

1865 New York census for Edward and Clara Goodliffe.

1880 census for Edward and Clara Goodliffe.

But in his early days business was not good for Edward and he and Theodore MEIGS filed for bankruptcy in 1869. He overcame this and in 1886 was reported in business with his brother-in-law Henry ODDIE.

New York Times 12 April 1869

Brooklyn Daily Eagle 13 November 1886

Edward and Clara did not have any children.

Clara Forsyth GOODLIFFE (née ODDIE) died at Rockaway Beach, New York on 18 August 1895, aged 44. She is buried at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.

Edward Thomas GOODLIFFE died during a musical performance at Madison Square Garden on 10 July 1902. He had been living at 300 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Citizen 11 July 1902

300 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn. A typical "brownstone" built in 1899.

Mary Ellen GOODLIFFE (1831-1913)

Mary Ellen was born 27 October 1831 at Lambley Lodge. She was baptised at the Morcott Baptist Chapel in 1837. Mary Ellen married Richard JACKSON at the Oakham Baptist Chapel on 30 June 1852. They had 9 children:

There is more about the family of Mary Ellen and Richard JACKSON here

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The Children of Daniel and Elizabeth Alice GOODLIFFE

Daniel James GOODLIFFE (1837-1853)

Daniel James was born at Barleythorpe in late 1837, the first child of Daniel and his new wife Elizabeth. Daniel was recorded in the 1841 and 1851 cesnsuses with the family but not the 1861 census. Daniel James died at Oakham in mid 1853 (Jun qtr) . The death index gives his name as Daniel James and his age at death of 15.

Martha GOODLIFFE (1838-1864)

Martha was born at Barleythorpe in 1838 to Daniel and Elizabeth GOODLIFFE. She married William LOOMES at St Ives, Cambridgeshire in 1861 (St Ives 3b/350). In the 1861 census, William (Looms) was unmarried, aged 32 and living with parents James (67) and Sarah (57) at the Cow and Hare Public House, St Ives. This pub was in Crown St, not far from Cromwell Place, and The Quadrant, where the Goodliffes later lived.

Martha and William had 3 children - Arthur Goodliffe LOOMES (born Sep qtr 1862 3b/259), Elizabeth Alice LOOMES (born Jun qtr 1863 at St Ives 3b/301) and Martha Goodliffe LOOMES (born and died Sep 1864).

Martha LOOMES (née GOODLIFFE) died in Jun 1864 at St Ives, suggesting she died in childbirth with Martha her daughter dying soon after in late June. Martha's birth and death were registered in the Sept quarter.

In the 1871 census William LOOMES, now a widower aged 42, was living at No 6 The Quadrant St Ives with his mother Sarah (65), and his two surviving children Arthur Goodliffe (scholar 8) and Elizabeth Alice (scholar 7).. Two doors away at Quadrant No 6 lived his in-laws Daniel and Elizabeth Alice GOODLIFFE.

1871 census for William LOOMES, widower, his mother and two children.

1871 census for Daniel GOODLIFFE, William's in-laws.

William did not remain a widower for long. In 1879 he married Phoebe YOUNG at St Ives. William was aged 50 and Phoebe was aged 46. Phoebe was a widow; she had married Philip YOUNG on 9 July 1854 at Old St Pancras, London. Her maiden name was STERN (or STERNE). It appears she and Philip did not have any children.

In 1881 William and Phoebe were living with Daniel and Elizabeth GOODLIFFE at 6 The Quadrant, St Ives.

1881 census for William and Phoebe LOOMES at St Ives.

By 1891 William and Phoebe LOOMES (indexed as Loomer in the 1891 and 1901 censuses) were living alone, still at 6 The Quadrant, St Ives. Phoebe died in the December quarter 1898 aged 68 at St Ives (3b/186). By 1901 William was living alone, a widow at the same address. William had worked as a joiner and cabinet maker most of his life but later also became a real estate agent. He was still working as an estate agent when he died 27 May 1903 at St Ives (3b/164). He is buried at St Ives with a headstone erected by his daughter Elizabeth Alice.

1891 census for William and Phoebe LOOMES at 6 The Quadrant, St Ives.

1901 census for William LOOMES, now alone at No 6.

1903 headstone for William LOOMES at St Ives Cemetery and for his son Arthur Goodliffe LOOMES died 1882.

Arthur Goodliffe LOOMES was born in St Ives in 1862. His mother died in 1864 and in the 1871 census was with his family at 6 The Quadrant, St Ives. He was not with the family in 1881, but there is an Arthur LOOMES, aged 19 but born in Hants. working as a clerk in Paddington London. This may be him, but whether or not, Arthur Goodliffe LOOMES died in early January 1882 and was buried on 11 January 1882 at Weaste Cemetery, Salford, Manchester. He was later commemorated on the headstone of his father at St Ives.

1881 census for William and Phoebe LOOMES at St Ives.

Elizabeth Alice LOOMES was born in St Ives in 1863. She was recorded in the 1871 and 1881 censuses with her father at St Ives. Elizabeth married James Henry KETTLE at Chesterton, Cambridgeshire in early 1885. James had been born in Cambridge in 1861 to Henry KETTLE and Jane (WILSON). James was a cook. Elizabeth and James had two children: Muriel Alice KETTLE (1886) and Arthur Henry KETTLE (1889). The family do not appear to be in the 1891 census, but are in the 1901 and 1911.

1901 census for James Kettle and family at 28 de Freville Ave, Chesterton, Cambridge.

1911 census for James Kettle and family at 12 de Freville Ave, Chesterton, Cambridge.

James Henry KETTLE died as 12 de Freville Ave, Cambridge on 2 July 1913, aged only 52. Probate was awarded to his wife Elizabeth. After James died Elizabeth returned to St Ives. In the 1939 register she was living at 9 Parkside, St Ives. She died at this address on 4 January 1953, aged 94.

1913 probate for James KETTLE.

1939 census for Elizabeth Kettle at 9 Park Side St Ives.

1953 probate for Elizabeth KETTLE.

Of the two children of James and Elizabeth KETTLE:

Muriel Alice KETTLE was born in 1886 in Cambridge.She died there in November 1915 and was buried on 29 November 1915 in the churchyard of St Andrew in Chesterton, Cambridge.

Arthur Henry KETTLE was born in 1889 in Chesterton, Cambridge. In 1911 he was working as a farm bailiff at Stow-Cum-Quy near Cambridge. (Note that the Arthur Henry KETTLE who lived in Leicester and who died there in 1955 is a different person. This Arthur is in the 1939 register with wife Catherine at 100 Overton Rd, Leicester, cable layer. He was born in Leicester in Dec qtr 1888 so can easily be confused with the Arthur, son of James and Elizabeth.)

What happened next to Arthur is interesting. There is a shipping record for an Arthur KETTLE as an unassisted immigrant to Australia, departing London on 23 April 1912 on the ship "Zealandic" and arriving in Sydney on 4 June 1912. We are not sure what Arthur did next but he must have travelled to New Zealand. It appears he took up rabbit trapping (perhaps first in Australia) and made his way to Central Otago. The next we know of Arthur is his return to Britain on the ship "Turakina" arriving in London from Wellington NZ on 12 July 1915. His home address was 106 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge and his occupation was "rabbit trapper". By this time his father had died but his mother and sister were still living in Cambridge. However his sister Muriel Alice KETTLE died in late November 1915, soon after Arthur had arrived home so this may be his reason for returning home.

1912 shipping record for Arthur KETTLE departing London.

1912 shipping record for Arthur KETTLE arriving in Sydney, Australia.

1953 probate for Elizabeth KETTLE.

Clearly, Arthur had met Bethiah Jane ELLIOTT whilst in New Zealand. Bethiah Jane ELLIOTT was born in Taeri, Dunedin New Zealand in 1881 to Thomas and Marion ELLIOTT. Thomas was a farmer at Middlemarch, Central Otago. Bethiah was recorded in the 1914 electoral roll at Rock and Pillar, Central Otago where she must have met Arthur. She travelled to Britain on the ship "Corinthic", departing Wellington and arriving in London on 18 March 1916. Importantly she gave her address in England as 12 de Freville Ave, Chesterton, Cambridge - the address of Arthur's mother. A few days later she married Arthur Henry KETTLE. Arthur and Bethia KETTLE are recorded in the 1918 and 1919 electoral registers at Dew's Farm, Hillingdon, Uxbridge. Next there is a shipping record for a Mr A.H. KETTLE, aged 30 (i.e. born 1889) occupation farm bailiff, accompanied by Mrs B.J. KETTLE departing London on 22 November 1919 bound for Melbourne and then on to New Zealand.

1919 shipping record for Arthur and Bethiah KETTLE departing London.

Arthur and Bethiah returned to Central Otago and eventually settled on a farm at Waitati, Blue Skin Bay just north of Dunedin, as recorded in the electoral rolls for 1935 to 1949. By 1954 Arthur had retired from farming and they had moved to Ranfurly in Central Otago and by 1957 they were living in Naseby. Bethiah Jane KETTLE died in Dunedin Hospital on 20 December 1967 aged 86, lately a resident of Naseby, Central Otago. She was cremated at Anderson's Bay on 23 December 1967. Soon, Arthur moved to 18 Thompson St, Dunedin where he died on 2 May 1974. As far as I can determine Arthur and Bethiah did not have any children.

Cremation records for Arthur and Bethiah KETTLE at Anderson's Bay Crematorium, Dunedin, New Zealand.

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