Darwin to Adelaide by The Ghan September 2019 - Day 9

Sunrise over the Yellow River at Kakadu National Park


We were up even earlier this morning so we could see the sunrise whilst boating on the Yellow River. The boat was waiting for us and the sun was rising just as we boarded. The tour is advertised as a unique chance to see crocodiles and a host of birds and this is exactly what we saw. The first croc appeared beside the boat before we had left the jetty. A 2 hours floating along the river we returned to Cooinda Lodge, packed the car and headed west back towards Darwin. Tomorrow the train adventure would begin.

Sunrise over the Kellow River

Drifting along the Yellow River in a tour boat at dawn or dusk is regarded as the highlight of a trip to Kakadu. We chose the dawn trip, partly because it best suited our time in Kakadu and partly because dawn is when more of the wildlife can be seen. The trip lived up to all of the good reviews. It was a wonderful experience, the river full of wildlife and the early morning sun providing excellent light for viewing. We saw many crocodiles, none huge, but big enough!

Dawn over Cooinda - close to the full moon.
Kakadu Lodge at Cooinda
Tour boats on the Yellow River
Early morning mist.
That log is actually a crocodile...
..but he hadn't woken up, yet.
Egret waiting for breakfast..
Eagle waiting for breakfast.
Crocodile waiting for breakfast....
Us? Breakfast??

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