Darwin to Adelaide by The Ghan September 2019 - Day 8

Kakadu National Park by 4WD


We were up early to have breakfast before embarking on a 4WD tour of parts of Kakadu. We had booked on the easier tour but as there were not many people on either, they combined the two tours and off we went.

Mary River

After driving on the main highway for about 40 minues, our first stop was the old Margaret River Ranger Station.

Our 4WD bus for the day.
Crossing JimJim Creek
Still plenty of water in this one...
...but not much water in this creek.
Jabiru bird - relatively rare apparently..
Wild bullocks - not rare.
Mary River Ranger Station is now just an information bay and..
piles of old junk...
and an old Landcruiser once used to catch buffalo.

Gunlom Falls

We stopped here for some time, to view Gunlom Lake and then to climb the track to the head of the falls where Gunlom Lake makes a nice swimming hole. After he swim and we stopped in the camp ground for lunch.

Heading into Gunlom
Shelters at the campground.
Plenty of signs - they seem to have scared the crocs away.
Rain forest around the edge of the lake.
This bird just sat and watched us.
The falls.
The walking track to the head of the falls.
The track had just been rebuilt.
TLooking back down onto Gunlom Lake.
There is a campground somewhere amongst the gum trees.
There is a lake hidden in here somewhere.
Lake and swimming hole.
Swimmers in the lake.
Looking out over Kakadu National Park.

Maguk and Barramundi Gorge

After lunch we bumped and rqttled our way in to the Maguk campground and on to the car park for Barramundi Gorge. The track is relatively flat and rocky and talks about 20 minutes to reach the lake at the foot of the falls. The walk is through lush tropical forest alongside a clear river. Once at the lake we had a refreshing swim before heading back to the bus and on back to Cooina.

The usual anti-croc signs.
Walking through the rainforest.
We could see Barramundi in the water.
Not much water at this time of year.
Barramundi Falls.
There were plenty of anthills, these were some of the larger examples.

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