Europe 14 - Day 8


Despite the indifferent weather we had decided to take one of the steamers on Lake Geneva from Ouchy to Chillon Castle and return. The sailing depart at 1140 so we had some time to visit the centre of Lausanne. The local train took us back up the steep hill to the centre where we found the Saturday Farmers' Markets. In between the light (and cool) showers of rain we checked the vegetabless, meat and cheese, then wandered back to the train. Down to Ouchy again and there was the boat waiting.

Lausanne on Saturday Morning

The train took up back up the steep hill to the centre of Lausanne, Next to the station lies the market square, where we found the farmers' markets.

The railway station at Ouchy.
The steep track uphill to Lausanne.
Inside the train.
At the top the market square coloured with Wisteria. Purple was the colour of 2014.
The town hall behind the market.
Potatoes, carrots and broccoli.
Potatoes black for CHF6/kg.
Lettuce for CHF10/kg
Chanterrelle mushrooms and a few bunches of asparagus.
Bread - those are big loaves..
Tulips with strawberries, tomatoes and rhubarb on the side.
Cheese - mostly..
Swiss cheeses - but the holes are missing.
And finally - nougat in huge blocks.
Heading away from the square there are more flowers.
Herbs, radishes, watches and zuchinni flowers.
More crowds going uphill...
to the village fountain...
dated 1585.
Cats made into teapots.
What goes up must go down.
The Post Office.
Note the bus - its actually a bus and trailer combination.
Typical Swiss architecture.
The arches - they double as outside market stalls in summer.
Herbs flourishing on the room of the toilets.
Back down at the lake, the cloud had lifted - a little.
One of the old "Belle Epoque" steamers.
Entrance to the Olympics Museum.
Art outside the museum.
Pansies in profusion.
A haven for horses.
Back to the Hotel Angleterre.
Map of the shoreline and the various wine appellations that we will soon steam past.

Cruising on Lake Geneva

Our ship - "La Suisse" was waiting at the dock, along with a small crowd eager to board. The ship has an dining room for First Class. The food is touted as being "our cater's most refined menu" but at CHF110 per person ($NZ135) we decided to travel on the main deck. Leaping up and down with a camera might not have been too well recived in First Class anyway. The cruise followed the northern shore of the lake, going east to Montreaux and then Chillon Castle where it turned around and headed back to Ouchy. Along the way the northern shore slopes down to the lake and is intensively planted in grape vines.

Plan of cruise along the northern shore of Lake Geneva.


La Suisse waiting for our cruise.
Heading out from Ouchy with Lausanne behind.
More of Lausanne.
Broader view of the northern shore and Lausanne.
Squalls of rain rounded up the little saling dingies on the lake.
Fully renovated in 2009 the ehgine is a work of art.
The shore east of Lausanne.
The second stop - Lutry.
Masts and grape vine at Lutry.
Vines separated by stone walls on the steep slope.
Lakeshore architecture.
War Memorial beside the flowering Linden tree.
A village among the vines.
Vines on steep land, similar to rice paddies in Asia.
And nearby - yes, you can spot them anywhere - the gypsy girls. This time they were digging up the drain looking for lost coins.
A train runs in front of the house and vines...
And then runs around the rocky point.
Rivaz - I think she was splashed by the boat coming in to dock.
Looking towards the head of the lake and the valley running south. Those clouds look a bit dark.
Deck chairs and paddle boats waiting for the summer and the crowds.
This family of ducklings were swept away by the wash from the boat.
Castle housing Musee Suisse de jeu.
Nearing Montreaux.
More spring blossom.
Montreaux Palace Hotel.
Grande Hotel Suisse.
Looking back at Montreaux.
Highway 9 and the railway behind Montreaux.
And finally we reach Chillon Castle.
The jetty behind the castle where half the passengers departed the cruise.
The road and rail continued south - where we would travel tomorrow.
Chillon Castle.
Looking south towards the high alps.
There's snow up there.
And a power station.
Back past the Castle.
Past Montreaux.
Now we have a closer view of the vines...
The walls...
and the stairs to reach the vines.
The rocks are held up with rock anchors.
Little streams rush down the hillside.
Each house is typically Swiss.
And each has a small block of vines.
The final say goes to the Captain - out on his flying bridge in the cold wind.


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