Europe 14 - Day 7


Having spent 4 days in Paris it was now time to move on. We were to travel by high speed train from Gare de Lyon in Paris to Lausanne in Switzerland. We took the Metro to Gare de Lyon and then had some time to wait in this immense station. We were tempted to visit the famous Le Train Bleu restaurant, but we settled for a coffee at the simple Montreaux Jazz Cafe instead. Only after our time in Switzerland did we realise that we would pass Montreaux by boat and train.

The train departure board listed our train but we had to wait to discover the platform. We had booked seats and soon discovered that the platform has a cunning map of the train showing were to find your carriage. A lot of the stations we visited in Switzerland also had this same system.

Paris to Lausanne

We found train Number 9269 to Lausanne, departing 1141. We had seats 25 & 26 in Coach 15. The weather was not great as the train sped south through France, getting up to 250 km/h at times. The scenery flashed past. As we headed south, the land became more rugged and the architecture slowly changed, until it was obvious that we were in Switzerland. The train arrived on time in Lausanne at 1537. Then we had to head across the road to the local train station, buy a ticket and head downhill to Ouchy on the northern shore of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). The Movenpick Hotel (yes, of chocolate fame) was nearby, then we were able to take a short stroll around the harbour area.

The main arrival hall at Gare de Lyon.
The departures board. Our train is listed at number 7.
Le cafe Bleu with the Montreaux Jaxx Cafe below it.
Our TGV train.
Time for a coffee and magazine.
Train layout at the head of the platform. e were in carriage 15, so we needed point "S".
And here we are at "S".
Carriage 15 and we are ready to depart.
Soon we were out of Paris and into the French countryside.
Now the land was more rugged and we were nearing the border with Switzerland.
The architecture has changed too.
This is now Switzerland and we are close to Lausanne.


We walked the short distance along the lake front to the Movenpick Hotel. Found our room and looked out over the lake. The weather was gloomy, overcast with occasional light showers. Not what the tourist brochures show of Switzerland!

Our lake view room at the Movenpick Hotel.
Panorama view of Lac Léman from our hotel window. That's France over there to the south.
Surprise! The first shop is full of Swiss Victorinox knives.
Architecture in Ouchy.
Hotel Angleterre et Residence.
"In this house 1816 Lord Byron wrote The Prisoner of Chillon"..
Hotel with cherry blossom. Spring was later than in Paris.
The blossom.
Just another Ferrari.
"Do not forget little queen....the pedestrians are king!
Spring flowers in the gardens.
Pansies and the march of time.
Spring flowers...
And sculpture.


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