A Few Days in England - Nov 2007

DAY 21: Hathersage and Padley Gorge

Padley Gorge is a small wooded area east of Hathersage, and just north of Grindleford Railway Station in Derbyshire. It is part of the Longshaw Estate, now run by the National Trust. Through the estate runs the Burbage Brook, which flows south to join the Derwent River.

Padley Gorge
Walking down from the A6187
Burbage Brook
The brook through open land
...and heading down into the gorge.
The forest is dominated by old oaks...
that are twisted...
..and form a dense canopy.
The rocks are moss-covered.
but the brook opens out into pools.
More twisted oaks...
with fungi....
and matted branches.
Twisted to extremes.
and the locals watch on.

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