Christmas in England 2006

DAY 16: Saturday 6 January


Dovedale is the most famous, and the most visited, place in the Peak District. It is a broad, flat river valley, cut through a range of hills and offers some wonderful scenery. The walking trail through the valley is more of a highway. Parts are sealed and in most places groups can walk 5 or 6 abreast. But this is understandable when over 1 million people walk through here each year. It is no wonder too, that the locals have made an art of the car park and food amenities at each end. Parking at 3 pounds, times about 300,000 cars is a tidy income.....

Dovedale when we reached it was in flood - not surprising given the rain of the previous days. The Stepping Stones were under water so we had to walk up the true left bank to reach the start of the trail. The weather remained cool and heavily overcast, and only when we were nearly back to the car did it turn to rain. But it was a pleasant walk and we well-deserved the cup of tea from the Thermos when we returned.

The start of the trail in Dovedale
The Dove in flood
Rock scree above the river
Hardy sheep
The Stepping Stones partly covered in water
Taking the other bank to get past the Stepping Stones.
Looking back to the start of the trail from the Stepping Stones
Almost at the Stepping Stones
The Stones in flood
Beyond the Stones the valley widens out
I'm not wet - yet!
The broad stretch of the Dove
More of the highway
Entering the gorge of Dovedale
The only climb on the trail
More of Dovedale
Boardwalk through the narrow section
I am not surprised that the ferns and mosses grow well....
Approaching Elephant Rock
Plaque remembering H.A. Holmes who developed Dovedale
Part of Tissington Spires
Looking back downstream
Bridge over the Dove where the trails meet
Returning along the boardwalk..
Almost back to the Stepping Stones and the rain arrived
I am wet now...
And so am I...

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