Christmas in England 2006

DAY 15: Friday 5 January

Moorcroft Pottery, Burslem, Stoke on Trent

Friday, we left Ashbourne early and headed west towards Stoke on Trent. We had booked a tour of the Moorcroft Pottery Factory for 11am. Being their first working day after the Christmas shutdown, and being the middle of Winter, we were the only people on the tour. It was a wonderful time. We received personal service from all of the staff, and in return we were able to tell them a lot about New Zealand.

The Moorcroft Factory Tour with the historic bottle kiln

Thor's Cave

One of the many natural attractions in the Peak District is Thor's Cave, a large cave high up the side of the Manifold valley. We approached from the A523 then the winding road to Wetton, rather later in the day than I had planned, but the heavy rain clouds had departed and the late afternoon sun shone through. We parked the car in a small lane near Wetton, and I walked, or rather slipped and slithered along the lane and across a field to the cave.

The Manifold Valley from high up near Thor's Cave
The entrance to Thor's Cave
The view across the Manifold from within Thor's Cave.
The side entrance to the cave.
Crows circling overhead in the late afternoon light
Looking back towards Wetton. Our car was parked beyond the large round tree and I walked along the lane between the stone walls.

The stone-walled track back from Thor's Cave in the last light of the sun.

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