Christmas in England 2006

DAY 12: Tuesday 2 January


Not far south of Braunston lies Fotheringhay, with the remains of its castle and keep. Here John was born and Mary Queen of Scots we beheaded on 8th February 1586. Today there is only the foundation mound of the castle and a few remnant stones. The castle occupied a vantage point on the River Nene, and you can indeed see many miles up and down river. There is a good description of the Castle and events here.

Fotheringhay Cathedral from across the River Nene
The remains of Fotheringhay Castle beside the river
Looking upstream from beside the castle
Plaque recalling that King Richard III was born here October 24th, 1457
In memory of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, beheaded in the Great Hall of Fotheringhay Castle 8th February 1586/7
This masonry from the Castle Keep was set up and protected AD1913
The masonry block and plaques
View upstream from the top of the Keep
View downstream

St Ives, Cambridgeshire

As I was going to St Ives.... in Cambridgeshire, where I was looking for The Quadrant. Arnold's youngest brother Daniel moved to St Ives some time before 1861, and eventually resided at 8 The Quadrant. His daughter Martha married William Loomes and lived at No 6 The Quadrant.

Today the Quadrant is a lovely curved building of apartments, recently renovated with heritage money. It lies a short walk from the main street and market place of St Ives. The town is known for its famous son - Oliver Cromwell, who is remembered in street and pub names and a large statue in the market square.

The Quadrant, St Ives
No 8 The Quadrant (white door) is where Daniel Goodliffe lived for many years from about 1861 to 1881
The curved building of The Quadrant
Plaque on the building
The Great Ouse River at St Ives
The Market Square with the statue of Oliver Cromwell at one end and the Returned Servicemen's Cross of Remembrance at the other end.
Oliver Cromwell's statue.
Oliver Cromwell
The other face of the plinth
One of many references to Cromwell.
The Robin Hood pub - a bit out of place I think?
The White Hart pub.

Clipston and Arnold's Original Story

From St Ives we travelled north again towards Market Harborough. A few miles south, we arrived at the small village of Clipston and found Elizabeth's cottage. Elizabeth is another Goodliffe descendent, and has had the good fortune of being able to find and preserve first the transcript and now the original version of Arnold Goodliffe's biography - The Story of My Life. The full story  be read, in Arnold's original handwriting here.

The cottage at Clipston.
Paul holding the original, and Elizabeth with the transcript
Arnold's original book - The Story of My Life.
Pages 2 and 3 of the original book

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